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MV Agusta Turismo Veloce

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Ned, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. I never thought for a moment that after a simple test ride out in the Kinglake hills, it would be the decider for my next bike. The bike had to have plenty of get up and go, be able to carry luggage, handle well, look great, feel great, and sound great. All those boxes were ticked.

    [​IMG] olympicwizolympicwiz is to be thanked for initially posting the MV Agusta Ride Experience day thread, otherwise I may not have even considered the Italian offerings. I'm glad I went and spent some time among the carpark full of Italian beauties.

    Currently, I am still running it in, playing with suspension settings, MAP settings and generally tweaking the bike to suit me and my riding style. It's a whole heap easier to throw around compared to the big heavy Tiger 1200, it reminds me of my dirt bike days where there was plenty of power on tap without the weight.

    The first real outing was a trip up to Lake Eppalock for a photo shoot. Many more trips will follow, including the Victorian High country and of course, Tasmania. eppalock mv.
    mv pan.
    mv exx.
    mv ls.
    mv rs.
    rhf pic.
    mv dash.

    Thanks for looking :)
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  2. wow, what a good looking bike! The Italians are certainly in a class of their own when it comes to design and styling. And I am sure it will have the performance to go with it made by a company with such a background in motorbike racing. You might have to take it to the Northern Territory to give it a good work out. :p
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  3. Awesome! Picking my 800rr up on Saturday.

    Like the look of the panniers on bike. What mileage to a tank do you get?
  4. That looks amazing mate, congrats... I'm just glad I've got a long wait until my next purchase so I can narrow the 100's of bikes down to just a few...
  5. Thanks guys:)

    Looking forward to when it's run infruechtelfruechtel so I can ride it like it was designed to be ridden:D The fit and finish is A1 and it just felt so nice to ride I had to have one.

    Only 2 days to go GeorgeOGeorgeO and I hope you're blessed with nice weather for its first outing. I also rode the RR so I know how you feel:playful: Panniers are a good set-up, no rattle and big enough for a helmet I believe. I haven't actually run a mileage check yet from the 22 litre (plastic) tank, but it's looking like at least 400, depending on the type of riding of course:sneaky:

    Narrowing all those bikes down DonJuanDonJuan is part of the fun, you get to ride them all and shorten the list, don't buy without riding;)
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  6. That's one of very few bikes that actually makes me want to change. I'll be watching with interest to see how the ownership experience works out for you.
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  7. Gorgeous bike mate!
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  8. fabulous looking bike!!!! ....bloody hell I nearly had an accident here at my desk when I looked at the pics of it! ;)
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  9. Wow, great to see another awesome adventure bike. That thing would be perfect for Australian roads. The only gripe for me is the poor pillion seting. But other than that, Triumph have been trumped!
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  10. Fantastic looking bike NedNed !

    How do you find the Pirelli Scorpion's? Are they the Trail 2's? Thinking of these to replace my Z8's.
  11. The Scorpion Trails seem ok so far bobthekelpybobthekelpy but I'm yet to put them through their paces in some serious twisties, that's due to happen next weekend :playful: I haven't encountered any wet yet so can't comment, and they didn't let me get stuck in deep sand for the photo shoot!

    Considering how these go I may opt for a more sport/touring tyre next time.
  12. More cyclists than cars 20151114_112757. and perfect weather!!
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  13. Thought I'd add a bit of bling:
    20151117_183435. 20151117_183412.
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  14. Test rode one on the weekend, fantastic bikes. Being a bit too tall for me was the only major negative I could come up with.
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  15. You forgot the price tag. ;)
  16. Freakin awesome ride dude......I never actually knew these existed until reading this.

    Looks fantastic and sounds like its really versatile.
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  17. I didnt think it was that bad, if i paid a deposit i could've got it for $24k ride away with panniers and heated grip and the other stuff that comes with the Lusso except the electronic suspension. Dunno how that compares with other brands but i thought that was reasonable.
  18. Well, I guess it is reasonable for an Agusta...
  19. Cheaper than an S1000XR I think too?
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  20. That was on my short list DonJuanDonJuan
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