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News MV Agusta to Release Six New Bikes in 2016

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jan 28, 2016.

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    MV Agusta is currently launching the upgraded Brutale 800 in Spain, but they’re also letting us know what their plans are for 2016. In addition to the beautiful new Brutale 800, a total of five new bikes will make their way from the Varese factory this year – two more nakeds and three sportsbikes. And one of those sportsbikes is the F3 ‘Solarbeam’.

    The F3 ‘Solarbeam’ will head into production this year.

    The ‘Solarbeam’ was unveiled last September to mark the fact event of Mercedes AMG buying a 25 per cent share of MV Agusta. Today, company president Giovanni Castiglioni confirmed that it will go into production and become the first production bike that will link the German and Italian brands together. Other than the unique (and gorgeous) colour scheme, we don’t know if the F3 Solarbeam will sport any distinct mechanical changes but it’s likely to receive some bespoke additions to justify what will probably be a premium price tag.

    Of the other bikes that will definitely come out this year, MV Agusta will update the Dragster 800 to be inline with the new Brutale 800 (that means the latest electronics and a number of engine changes) and similarly, the Brutale 675 will get a mid-life refresh. That leaves two sportsbikes yet to be disclosed – here’s hoping for an all new F4 Superbike being one of them.

    The 2016 Brutale 800, the prettiest naked on the market?

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