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MV Agusta Riding Experience Day

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by olympicwiz, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Not sure if this is the right place, I just got an email from MV Agusta as they are organizing another
    MV Agusta Riding Experience Day in different states. You can specify the time and the bike you like to ride.

    I went on the one in NSW on 15th of August and test rode Brutale 1090. It was held at the Pie in the Sky at Cowan.

    It was well organized with my bike ready to go when I arrived with a group going out for about 30min on the old road.

    No sales pressure/pitch whatsoever and I even got a cool T shirt and a key ring with their brand.

    Loved the bike so much that I actually ended up buying it!

    Here is a link to a reg form

    Register Test Ride ‹ MV Agusta Australia

    I registered for one in November there and will try Brutale Dragster 800RR if successful.

    Would be a great chance to try/test in good road conditions if you even considered that brand I reckon.

    Just leave your wallets at home!
  2. I have signed up for Lobethal (Amber Light Cafe) SA, 27th September, to ride the Turismo Veloce 800
  3. Cheers for that olympicwiz I booked for VIC on the Turismo Veloce 800 as well. Do you know if we can test more than on bike? I also want to ride the F4.
  4. Ditto to the above - have just booked in to ride the 800RR in Vic. Make a nice day of it, ride up to Kinglake, take it for a test ride and then make my way back home via a brewery or similar.
  5. I also signed up for the next NSW event - want to try the F3 this time. I should have my new 800rr by then.
  6. I think it's a good thing i'm stuck to a Lams bike for a few more years otherwise i would be driving myself crazy trying to find a way to afford an 800 Dragster RR! gives me bones that thing!!
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  7. I am not sure, but the guys were very friendly to deal with and if there is a capacity I can't think of a reason why not? I know in NSW they brought in demos from other states.
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  8. Here are some photos I took from the event .. including the black awesome looking Brutale 1090 I test rode.


    20150816_154833. 20150816_154445.
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  9. That Brutale is HAWWWWT!
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  10. Even hotter to ride... Very few electronic aids so it rips like crazy and likes to get on its rear wheel if you spin the throttle tad too fast seemingly from any gear

    And Brutale 800 Dragster RR next to me looked even meaner and purposeful... very purposeful.
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  11. Cheers Al. I did the 14th too, earmarked the F4......
  12. Ah cool.. what time are you going? I asked for 4pm
  13. I asked for 11.00 am.

    Funny, i asked a couple of the guys here at work if they were interested by email. One said:

    "Nah, Mate. I went to the last one and bought this:"


    Lol, true story. He reckons they sold 12 bikes last time.
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  14. LionzLionz - I was one of the 12!
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  15. No wonder they didn't have to pitch.. these things must be selling themselves!

    This is the exact one I ended up buying!

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  16. The exact one I haven't brought! Lol
    Jeez I want this thing!
  17. How are MV's these days?
    Have they figured out the heating an electrical issues that some experienced?
    They are really pretty bikes, damn P plates... and bank account.
  18. KurtzKurtz - the new generation bikes are really well sorted. Three years ago everyone's main gripes were the ride by throttle mapping. That's totally sorted with the latest generation of bikes. Most magazine articles these days rave about the bikes.
  19. That's good to hear.
  20. Hey guys.. I received a call from MV Agusta people today cofirming my date with Brutale 800 RR Dragster so they must ve started calling people who expressed the interest.
    If you haven't received the call... maybe it would be worth to follow up with them.