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MV Agusta F3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. MV do understand sex appeal... I want one.
  2. hate the exhaust, under seat looked better
  3. Really I like it, and it wont be as hot to ride as well.
  4. that back end, fffuuuuuuu

    Also, can anyone have a go at explaining this whole counter-rotating crank business to me? I get the general principle, but doesn't it defeat the purpose of itself on a triple?

    EDIT: man the pipes are whats really doing it for me
  5. Love the pipe positioning and the look. Didn't really dig the under seat look.
  6. Err...what?
  7. They're talking 137-140 crank hp as well, or 207hp/litre.

    Bloody hell.
  8. Not doing it for me. The finish on the fairings in the promo shots looks cheap and plasticy as does some of the closeups on things like the exhaust heat shield.

    Personally, I think I'd be looking at the Daytona 675R.
  9. I like it i reckon 3 pipes in a row along the bottom would look sweet
  10. That places a lot of weight high, rearward and well away from the centre of mass. The agility and handling benefits of going low are signifigant, especially in the ultra-competitive Supersport class.

    Maybe the incoming Daytona R is a response to this bike coming to market.
  11. Looks awesome. Lets see a baby Brutale based on this though... Finally a proper street fighter to compete with the Street Triple that isnt 1000ccs?
  12. thats purdy love the zorsts. mv really know how to style a bike
  13. So you split the crank into a few pieces so that there are less vibrations/better 'balance' like on a boxer, but how do you achieve that when theres an odd number of cylinders? Make one piece twice as heavy? :tantrum:
  14. Quite right.

    I like those pipes, they would scream by the time you pulled out the cat & muffler & ran them straight through

    I think it's this or the 675 for me as a next bike, time for a bank robbery.

    When are these due?
  15. i cant wait till the wankas start getting them and writing them off. i want that tail piece/subframe.
  16. Will be very interesting to see the HP and Nm figures... :)

    Watching closely... :)
  17. Now I see what you mean.

    You're thinking of a twin crank engine.

    This isn't twin crank, it's just rotating the other direction to other bike engines. According to what I've read so far, it shortens the engine by driving the gearbox directly (probably by a gear on the crank itself), as well as cancelling some of the gyroscopic effect to increase flickability.

    We'll know when more details are released.
  18. That'll be the first thing to go, twist throttle, flip, smash!
  19. I need some alone time with this picture