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MV Agusta F3

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by saba, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Apparently they are aiming for 140hp out of it. That will be quite a feat!
  2. Talk of an 800 Triple has been around for a while. That would appeal to me even more.

    But a 675 MV would be a corker.
  3. looks sweet :) it's been rumoured for a while
    the euro brands are really starting to duke it out in the supersport class, KTM's been rumoured to have a super-light thumper sports-bike in it's future projects

    and i can't believe no one's made a thread about it, considering it's on the cover of the current aussie bike mag, but BMW's offering is even tastier
  4. Last I knew, the KTM was well on the way but had been put on hold.

    Talk was of a BMW 675 as well, but more recent has been that they might be going with a 600 four. We'll see, I guess.
  5. Woa that bimmer looks rad. Single sided front 'fork'.
    Wonder what sorta engine its got :LOL:
  6. Rumours so far are a 750cc triple. Same donk as the S1000RR but with a cylinder sliced off.
  7. Now that I'd like to see. The trouble is that too many bikes get stuck with an engine capacity that fits Superbikes and Supersports racing when more cubes are almost always better on the road.
  8. 11th November is the Milan show where the new MV will be unveiled although I believe that is only for the big capacity version which is supposed to be close to 200hp. I haven’t seen anything lately speaking about a triple version (although that has been out there for a while).

    It’s why there are such massive discounts until the end of November on the current MV range. They need to clear for the new model next year. Can’t wait to check it out!