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MV Agusta F3 and Brutale 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by yamahahaha, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Anyone heard news on when these are landing in Australia or a proper indication of AU RRP?

    I'm ready for a bit of a change and the 675 Brutale is right up there! Got a modified FZ1N at the moment but I like the idea of something a bit lighter and the Brutale looks gorgeous too. Have official weight and power specs been released? Interested to see how the power to weight will compare. Unsure if I'll miss my 150hp (at the wheel) too much!
  2. i'm eyeing the F3...its one one the nicest bikess...but i got another 2 n a half years before i can upgrade :(

    this has some pricings on it.

    Standard F3 is $17,990 ride away. Oro is $33,990.
    Central Coast motorcycles in NSW can import the oro with a 5k non refundable deposit.

  3. Awesome! If the F3 is 18K the 675 Brutale should be somewhere around 16K judging on the F4 and Brutale RR pricing scale.

    Imagine the F3 will hit our shores first though so still a bit of waiting to go.
  4. that website lists the F3 & 675 brutale as the same price.

    the F3 looks nicee and then theres the 3 pipes :(
    why couldn't they be undertail exhausts with cermaic coated tips!!
  5. that's not the brutale 675 on that website. Yeah, hopefully will be around the 16K mark. I'm hanging out for it.
  6. Trooper Lu's Garage are having an open day on 21st April.

    I would imagine they'll have demo bikes of all the latest models from MV.
  7. Ring your local stealer guys, Peter Stevens down here (Victoria) have a price locked in and are taking pre-orders.
  8. Love the looks of Brutale 675.
  9. Any idea what it is?

  10. my bad, didn't realise it was the original brutale.
    hopefully it will be cheaper tho!

    pity i'm still on my red Ps. can't even go for a test ride!