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MV Agusta F3 800

Average User Rating:
  1. Apparently you should of got an Aprilia ;-) it looks nice but I prefer the colours on the 675... Bet it goes like stink. Nice picture
  2. Oh please excuse Uncle Greg - he's still upset at his purchase of the F3 that was not to be.

    One gem of a bike - I really NEED one as a track bike.
  3. i think Alex knows who i am
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  4. All good then!
  5. well
    remains to be seen anyways
  6. After countless of test rides it was down to this and the S1000RR.

    I really wanted the solar beam Yellow but got a deal on this puppy too good to refuse.

    I am aware of all the So called issues the previous models had and hope the 2016 model has fixed them.

    Lets face it I loved the ZX but this one has a point and shoot feature I just love.

    Point the bike in a corner and open the throttle and it just shoots down the road.

    Please don't tell me you bought an F3 as well uncle greguncle greg
  7. I have had a 675R but the older model which I still prefer over the current one
  8. Does the 2016 model have the mvics 2.0 with the additional injector per cylinder? If so, SWEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!! Can't fault the mapping and response on mine
  9. Not sure about the additional injector but according to the MV web site it has:

    Integrated ignition- injection system MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) with six injectors Engine control unit Eldor EM2.0, throttle body full drive by wire Mikuni, pencil-coil with ion-sensing tech nology, control of detonation and misfire Torque control with four maps, Traction Control with eight levels of intervention Electronic quick shift MV EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift)

    Only wish it had auto blip down shift like the naked version but it was not a deal breaker for me.

    Oh yeah I have confirmed via the VIN its a 2016 model
  10. Yip - the EM2.0 and 6 injectors shows its the latest iteration, same as my 800rr.

    Magic - big difference between the old and new. There is still some slow speed 'hunting' that takes place but less so than my little KTM Duke 390 i have. Magically smooth and responsive and a lovely exhaust 'pop' on deceleration!
  11. I am going to try some custom map settings that have been recommended to me but when I test rode the bike the dealer explained to me to keep the rev's up past 3K to smooth it all out.

    Just need to find a good mechanic now to do the service cause there is no way I am paying 1200 for a major service
  12. I was quoted 695 for the big service - every 12k

    Booked in next week for my 6000 service. Should be around $360.
  13. Where is your service?
  14. Moto Tecnica in Artarmon Sydney
  15. I need to move back to Sydney :(
  16. What got this the nod over the BMW? I haven't ridden the MV personally, I did however fang a 2016 s1000rr around phillip island a couple of months ago and it was rather awesome.
  17. almost
    thought i had a good trade deal on one but it fell in a heap
    so i went with an rsv4 factory instead
  18. Cost of ownership and the MV feels a lot lighter with the shorter wheel base seemed to corner a but better.

    In the end:
    Better discount on the bike nearly 2K
    Better trade $900 more then any other dealer