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MV Agusta F3 800

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  1. ElDopa submitted a new showcase item:

    MV Agusta F3 800

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  2. a beautiful looking bike ..... but my mate had his seize today at 900 kms just after its first service! will be interesting to see how fast it will be repaired!
  3. Probably ran out of coolant. Mine had leaking radiator cap. Or more likely the dealer who serviced didnt fill the oil
  4. Either way, not very encouraging!
  5. Mines running absolutely fine, so are many others, i do suspect dealer stuffed up on this one. It happens, dealers fcuk up, its how they deal with it from here that matters as it had just been serviced its the logical thing. Ive been told and read (unbiased) that the triples are the most reliable of the lot
  6. you could be right about servicing - interested to find out what went wrong, but problem solving or warranty issues - just take forever - dealing with Agusta in Italy for every issue, must be an Italian thing!
  7. If its the fault of the dealer i think it will get fixed much quicker. Then again i give my bike a quick checkover before i leave for a ride or leave the service centre. KTM is another brand that can take a long time for warranty work
  8. KTM can be excellent but I think it depends on the dealer. But KTM as a manufacturer have a presence here.
  9. True, it always depends on the dealer, they dont want to pay guys to do warranty work, as they dont make coin, when theres oil changes (easy money) to do. MV is actually finally rebuilding their presence. The f3 800 has been extremely popular in sales apparently. Its just an excellent size for a triple engine.
  10. Congratulations OP on the purchase of a new bike. Hope you enjoy it to the utmost.

    As a side note, I'm always amazed to see people getting all worked up when someone say something about their bike, and I've noticed that generally it's the Italian bike owners (and Harleys too) who get a bit too enthusiastic about their bikes. I mean, people say all kind of stuff against Japs and BMWs and what not, but you hardly see anyone getting that upset about it! But God forbid someone say something about a Ducati or MV, all hell breaks loose then (I got banned from a forum once just because I thought Ducatis had poor build quality :rolleyes:).
  11. You obviously never followed the cb400 thread. That had major vaginitis and menstrual problems on several occasions. The bloke who reckoned his cb400 could accelerate as fast as a zx6r never came back.
  12. awesome sounding bike.