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MV Agusta F3 ‘Solar Beam’ to become production model

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by Mouth, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. MV AGUSTA'S F3 ‘Solar Beam’ – in the same yellow as the Mercedes AMG GT – will go into production this year, the Italian firm said yesterday.


    The AMG-liveried F3 was unveiled as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to celebrate the partnership between the two firms.

    It’s to become a limited-edition production model and will be one of six new MVs this year, three of them nakeds and three sports bikes.

    The news was announced by MV Agusta president Giovanni Castiglioni in Malaga at the launch of the Brutale 800, which uses the engine from Turismo Veloce. He said the F3 Solar Beam would be the ‘first production bike that will link the two brands together’. Castiglioni said there were also plans to display MV Agusta motorcycles at 127 AMG dealerships across the UK and Europe.

    Among the other six new MVs will be updated versions of the Brutale 675 and Dragster 800, with similar revisions to those made to the Brutale 800, including more advanced electronics and engine modifications aimed at improving mid-range torque and meeting Euro4 emission limits.
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  2. WOW! Just Wow! Somebody please buy me this bike - if only for the colour scheme!
  3. that's a happy looking chappie
  4. Pffff gay lol.
    And yellow is a chicken color.
  5. you can put lipstick on a pig
    well you know the rest
  6. Jealousy makes you nasty.......

    I'll take 4 of them please, one for each direction!
  7. Well...looks like it's going to be an expensive bike.
  8. Nobody comes within cooee of MV in terms of design and style. Master pieces!
  9. Yeah Canary yella' is a rare color
  10. lol
  11. Im glad you agree
  12. looks like a Hyosung to me
  13. Put your glasses back on