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  2. that is a sweeet looking ride - thanks for posting it up, would love to see more pics! another member here has a KTM and an MV (GeorgeOGeorgeO) I'm sure he will swing by
  3. Aaaaaannnnnd... cue GeorgeOGeorgeO.

    (seriously though, nice ride. ;) )
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  4. Niiiiiiiiiiicccccceeee
  5. Seriously, only one photo?
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  6. MV Dragster AND KTM 1290 ADV........dude, you're killing me.

    Welsh flag in your Avatar - what gives?
  7. Will post more pics.....on to it George !!.........testing the waters, Yes, cost horrible.......at first........but its already attracted some interest and holding its own $$$$+
    Tiny bike, forget any luggage (or a passenger) all correct, but the most fun Ive had on a bike, point and squirt.......The long stuff reserved for the KTM 1290 Adventure, chalk & cheese I guess.....one will have to go :-( or the kids, wife ,home.... Welsh Flag, thats me, loving Australia and all it has to offer the Biking community... awesome !!
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  8. That LH44 frame colour is just sex on wheels.

    I had a really long look and sit on the first two that arrived at Moto Technica earlier this year when my 800rr was in for service. I much more prefer the dark wheel colour than the white /red of the stAndard dragster.

    But really, we need MUCH more pics as well as a soundtrack or two.
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