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MV Agusta Brutale 800RR

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  1. Congratulations on the beauty GeorgeOGeorgeO !! She is definitely drool-worthy :D
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  2. Bice nike! Enjoy! Must confess the black Rivale RR is calling me!
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  3. Looker......
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  4. you'll be one of those riders with flies stuck between the teeth from riding your bike with a big grin all day long; even at my age I have to admit I am green with envy!
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  5. Sunday at Eastern Creek.
  6. That looks like an AWESOME bike!
    Might have to add it to my list for when I'm on my full license and get a new bike ;)
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  7. Baie geluk met die nuwe fiets!!
  8. Ag baie dankie Boet! Ongefokkenlooflik. Enigste manier hoe ek dit kan beskryf
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  9. What language were the last two posts in?
  10. Afrikaans....
  11. Nup, still can't work it out

  12. Baie geluk met die nuwe fiets!!
    Ag baie dankie Boet! Ongefokkenlooflik. Enigste manier hoe ek dit kan beskryf

    Translate roughly as:
    "best wishes (very happy) with the new bike"
    "Ah thank you so much brother (buddy)! Unfcukingbelievable. Only way I can describe it "
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  13. Thanks Chillibut
  14. I thought so............... it's all double Dutch to me.
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  15. George, I reckon the Brutales are a work of art. How comfortable are you after an hour or so in the saddle?
  16. That's an "alright" sort of looking bike GeorgeOGeorgeO. Don't think my ride ever looked that shiny! Red is fast too.......
  17. Longest ride do far was a 350km day with no issues. More comfy than my Duke 390 ever was.
  18. I reckon she's a looker!


    She's into bondage - as you can see!
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