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Featured MV Agusta Brutale 800rr

Discussion in 'Naked' started by GeorgeO, May 17, 2015.

  1. Bad bad mistake. Test rode a Brutale 800 this weekend. Every fiber in my body is yelling at me to buy this now.....

    Any Brutale owners on the forum? Need to educate myself on MV ownership and need some informed opinions.
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  2. You are such a tart with your bikes GeorgeOGeorgeO seems like one ride and you are anyone's! :whistle:
    A few weekends ago after a tootle I thought you wanted a beemer...:rolleyes:
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  3. They look amazing - and big triples are just the greatest engines on god's green earth.
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  4. You've broken the cardinal rule.

    Never ride what you don't intend to buy.

    Not to say you must buy everything you ride or test - but by virtue of testing you should be ready to pull the trigger.

    Riding something you can't get out of your head makes your current bike feel lack lustre......

    I'm pretty sure you're cooked GeorgeOGeorgeO
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  5. Case in point - I am scared to go anywhere near a Multstrada for this precise reason.
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  6. Yep I hear you BitSarBitSar I have to stay well away from anything Ducati for me...only for sentimental reasons from 30 years ago and a past lover... Pathetic but true :(
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  7. A friend of mine owns one and rides it like it was stolen, his idea of lean angle is my idea of impending doom. He has a long history of racing bikes and loves this thing even though he owns bigger bikes. Says a lot about the bike, that can be my only contribution.
  8. I thought so too.

    So this means I have to buy it then.....please.......!

    The small detail on that Brutale is just amazing. The longer you look the more small things you notice. Bike p0rn at it's best. And that engine note at full song..........

    The S1000r pulls cleanly from low revs, feels agile and has stonks of power. Very capable. It has cruise control.

    The MV is just a raw assault at your senses. Requires your brain to re-calibrate to a new reality. Engine really spins up fast with minute amounts of throttle input. You don't need cruise control cause you won't be cruising.

    I posted up a few days ago on the value of a test ride and what you could really get from such a short ride following someone from the dealership. I was wrong. It only takes a few moments to connect at some deeper level.

    I will try to do the adult thing and test the Streetfighter 848 as well, but deep down I think I've already made the choice...
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  9. When in your senior years, in your adult diaper at the old folks prison, what would you want to remember: your years on a sensible bike or your years on a Brutale?
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  10. Yup.

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  11. To quote Kurt Cobain - "It's better to burn out than to fade away...."
  12. Sounds like you pretty much made up your mind on Saturday at the learner session hahah. Just do eeeeeeeet!
    And let me give it a squirt on the learner course next time :hungry::hungry::hungry:
  13. The triple engine still has starter sprag issues. It will let you down one day completely and you will look like a knob on your MV 800 at the cafe when it won't start and then when it does it starts with a crack sounding like the gearbox has smashed apart. It will ride well and you'll love it when it is able to be started. It will flatten the BS branded battery (real brand). Get the dealer to upgrade to a lithium iron phosphate before delivery (batteries are under the tanks in these bikes will take at least an hour to change and will need 2 people). Personally I wouldn't buy another MV until the entirety of the Mercedes AMG sharing of technology has come to fruition on a not to distant model.
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  14. Oh and finally. Urban Moto is now the importer of MV Agusta to Australia. They have been since late last year. They have still yet to name and setup proper dealer and warranty networks. Parts are like hens teeth and so is good quality service. Like I said earlier wait for Mercedes AMG influence to fully happen in the company much like the Audi influence of Ducati. If you can be patient I believe the bikes will benefit. What will happen if I am right is your B3 800 will be worth next to nothing compared to newer Mercedes backed models
  15. RRdevilRRdevil - thanks for the info. That is my main concern at the moment. Beautiful bike but no backup. Moto Technic in Sydney have been service agents for a while but took over the dealership part only recently with all the changes. With all the problems with the distributor I'm sure spare parts holding was the last thing looked at as well.

    I'm prepared to live with a few niggles here and there if the bike is brilliant enough, but this also means you need a strong support network to sort it out when things happen.

    Absolutely Brilliant bike though.
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    Last edited: May 18, 2015
    The issues with MV ownership have been known for quite some time, and have yet to be sorted. Wonderful bikes, no question, but with niggles you don't so much get with the bigger players.

    If you like the idea of a visceral experience with more grunt and the price is in your reach, I'd take a good look at the new Aprilia Tuono 1100. The outgoing model has regularly been touted as the supreme super naked, even if not the most powerful on the spec side, and the extra cc and other signifigant improvements are looking to have made it better still.

    On top of that, Aprilia these days is almost Honda-like in the general togetherness of their bikes while still having the sort of appeal that makes the premium Euro experience something you don't get anywhere else.

    Of course, you could also do a lot worse than an MT-09 with some fettling for a lot less cash.
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  17. Aprilia are wanting some serious coin for Tuono (and the RSV4R and RR :( ) the 2014 Tuono was ~$22k OR but they were telling me at least $24k for 2015 Tuono ( and 25k +for the RSV4R) .
  18. Don't like the front end of the Tuono. That fixed front fairing takes away the naked look. Only positive is the sound.

    I have the same problem with the Triumph stripple - hideous front end in my opinion. Others welcome to disagree with me.
  19. I'm sure they will George. :)
    MV Augusta's are one of the few bikes that I wouldn't touch the stock pipe. Pieces of art, in my humble opinion.
  20. Buy what you like the most and ride it like you stole it the whole time GeorgeOGeorgeO

    Pht to reliability, parts etc if you want that buy a Toyota