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MV Agusta Brutale 800: from $16,490

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by locusm, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Australia's MV Agusta importer, MV Agusta Imports, has announced some red-hot pricing for the Italian marque's new Brutale 800 streetfighter
    MV Agusta Imports, the Australian MV Agusta importer and distributor, has announced its new 2013 Brutale 800 EAS and 2013 Brutale 800 EAS Italia will be priced at $16,490 (rideaway) and $17,490 (rideaway) respectively.

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  2. I think they are an extremely well priced bike, for an Italian marque with real cachet. The only thing in the negative is that the Daytona 675R seems to have more bells and whistles for around the same money, and the Daytona is a proven platform.

    Still, I predict that the MV will sell extremely well.
  3. Not getting your comparison there, brutale being naked bike, daytona sports bike...
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    Yeah, sorry, I've just realised I was thinking of the F3 675. Mea culpa, mea culpa. (Trying to watch a movie and do this simultaneously isn't working out too well...)
  5. I think he meant to say Street Triple R.
  6. I'm keen to see servicing costs for these before deciding if its still a good buy or not...
  7. You can put me down for a B3. I'm all over it once I'm off my P's in November. Priced under $15K too!
  8. Service pricing on the MV range is pretty good now days, but I do have to admit the new Street Triple is an AMAZING bike.
  9. According to whatever ride impression I read a little while back, the 800 Brutale goes a LOT harder than the 675 model.

    If it was the 675 capacity, I'd still lean towards the Triumph offerings, but unless or until they put their own 800 into something other than the Tiger, this 800 Brutale stands pretty much alone when it comes to light and barking mad.

    The Benelli TnT 899 is still around, and at a good price ("under 16K delivered"), but is still pretty much off the radar as well as being somewhat heavier, although not overly so as such, given the extra 100cc - it's just not in the featherweight league of the MV and Triumph offerings.
  10. Featherweight you say ???? What you smoking ? Share it round.
  11. Where does the F800r sit in this mix? I'm looking at an F800 something (or F700gs)...guess I'll have to ride them all!

  12. Your point?

    Or is three words to a sentence your cognitive limit?
  13. 115cc gap should make it a bit quicker than the trumpy wouldnt it? Different class in nsw too.

    And the f800 is only a twin.
  14. I think it is heavier than the crf50
  15. It a nice looking bike. I had trouble deciding between Striple and MV Augusta B3. Int he end not being available second hand and higher price for purchase and service costs made be get the Triumph.
  16. I was thinking the same thing.

    But let's not chastise anyone for deliberately ignoring the obvious context of a discussion because they're looking for somewhere to hang their hat.
  17. Just picked up my Brutale 800 today and after test riding a street triple the triumph does not even come close. It fact the 2009 ZX6R i had wouldn't even keep up.
  18. Congrats - looks like an awesome bike. Whereabouts are you?