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MV Agusta Brutale 675

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ballsy Mgee, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Has anyone test ridden one of these beauties yet? Or better - is anyone thinking of buying or have already bought one?

    I'd love to hear a first hand review

    This bike is on my radar for when I upgrade in 10 months time. Would be the perfect first non LAMS bike for me I reckon.

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  2. when I asked last week, peter stevens had sold all theirs and were waiting for more
  3. Is feckin' beautiful, and that's all I really care about at this point
  4. Hi

    As far as I know there are none in Australia as yet. PS in Melbourne has one that is pre sold due in around the end of the month they think. Given Italian timing that could mean anything. They did tell me that they where hoping for a demo bike but no luck so far. The other thing they mentioned is that if I wanted one this side of Christmas that I better order now.

    I am 299 days away from upgrading and this bike is so far on the top of the list followed by the Aprila Shiver. My thoughts are something in the 600 to 750 size would be a good first upgrade.

    The write ups so far give it a very good reviews see here as an example-

    Do a search and you will find many more.

    There is also a dedicated site although not much happening as yet see here -

    Australian distributor site here-

    Ok yes I am in love with it!!!!

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Dont rely on media reviews-whens the last time you read a poor review ?
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  6. ^ agreed but it is more in what they don't say - got to read between the lines to get a fuller understanding of what they think.

    The u tube clips let you have a slightly more informed opinion - note the slightly!

    IMHO only it still needs two things a belly pan ( 3 pipe side is horn but he other side looks a bit like a tractor ) and ABS to make it a better bike than the Shiver 750. More than happy to be proven wrong however.......

    Cheers Jeremy
  7. Im not a fan of ABS
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  8. What do you mean? The 2012 CBGSXR1 is the best bike ever made. Next year it's serious flaws will become clear and the 2013 CBGSXR1 will be the best evaaaaaar.
  9. Understand where you are coming from but lets not derail the thread; there are enough ABS no ABS threads already.

    Just saying that if was an option it would/could put they bike into a more competitive position compared to the Shiver.

  10. The f3 seems to lose out to the Daytona in most reviews, let's hope the brutale does better against the stripple. The MVs at the dealershi
  11. Help Masakali has been taken mid type........
  12. The Brutale 675 is ONE Awesome looking bike. :)

    Jem, you saying that PS City have a demo model which I can see??
  13. Still not convinced with the headlight on it, everything else is perfect. Haven't actually looked at one yet so maybe it'll grow on me.
    Also awaiting the new 2013 Street Triple R details to be released as my next purchase will probably be between the two.
    Definitely want to see the pearl white in the flesh.

    I'll just leave this here. :D
  14. I like the classic round the best. :)
  15. They all look good to me! haha. What price do you guys think we will get one for in Australia?
  16. Hey LL,

    No they do not have a demo or the customers bike, they said they had hoped to get a demo but no such luck.

    As far as I know still none in the country.

  17. Official importers site says $14,990 ride away.


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  18. This is an awesome looking bike. I would also like to get one if the conditions permit.
    I read some old posts here few months ago, I don't remember who posted it. However, his mate bought one of the new line of mvaugusta (F3 I think), and how he had problems with it, etc etc

    But I guess we are all a kind of aware even with the top manufacturer, the most selling bikes, there are always some bikes that come with fault here and there. That is my opinion anyway.

    Does anyone have any idea if the supply for the parts for mvaugusta is easy to get in Australia if until there is something wrong with the bikes?
  19. Waiting for parts is all part of the Italian bike ownership experience. Just hope you don't need anything in August.

    Recommend looking at them in the flesh. I love the hew B3 and went to see if they had one on display. Ended up looking at the litre brutales which never really did it for me but they looked beautiful in person.

    $15k rideaway is what they are promoting so on par if not a little cheaper than the Street R.
  20. I had a call from my local dealer to say these are now in the country. I gather the local guy will have 2 available if anyone is interested.