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MV AGUSTA bankrupcy protection?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. i read this article about proton then i was wondering if i read it right

    "MV Agusta, which is under bankruptcy protection, makes bikes under the Agusta, Cagiva and Husqvarna brands"

    how cant they go bankrupt? how many stakeholders does the company have to keep it going?
  2. Ownership of the name may have some intrinsic value perhaps as intellectual property, given past history.
  3. Do you mean how CAN they go bankrupt???

    Hundreds of reasons, usually about the same number as unsold inventory..... Check out GM USA's latest awful figures, and they're a little bigger....
  4. How can they not go broke - they are an italian bike manufacturer!
    Say no more..;:]
  5. Oh yeah, now at last I have a valid reason that I can console myself with that I shouldn't buy an f4.

    (If I won tatts tomorrow night I'd still buy one but!)
  6. no i mean how come they CANT go bankrupt as is said in the article. i can see how they could go bankrupt but protection from :? im curious how they are dodging the bullet
  7. We all knew what ya mean't :grin: we can read :grin:

    And there is a post about it by the forumbot in announcements :grin:

    I think G and Randy nailed it. Its an important name brand to the Italians. To loose it would mean bad karma mmmkay :shock: :LOL:

    But I would have liked to pay the 1 euro that Proton sold it for :shock: damn I would have gutted the company and would have done a Skase :LOL:

    The new owners have inherited a 107mill debt for a dollar.

    Cheers :cool:
  8. You contact your creditors and get them to sign/agree to a contract saying that for a period of time, usually 12 months, they will waiver their right to call in their loan(s), allowing the company (in this case MV) the security to either trade/sell out of trouble without having the creditors circling. The company would need to offer genuine assurance to the creditors that it would be in their benefit to temporarily waiver their right .. but if they agree/sign you will have bankruptcy protection.