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MV Agusta and Ducati - any good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mr_Ignorant, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. I'm thinking of buying an MV or Ducati. Am i better off buying new or will an 04 be ok? I've never heard an MV with an aftermarket exhaust, do they sound as good as a Duke?

    Apologies if these are dumb questions i'm coming from modified car land and don't know a thing about bikes (but i know what bikes i like). I think a bike looks like more fun than an EVO!

    PS Yes i have my full bike licence from when i rode a while back :)
  2. Both MVs and Ducs are passion bikes. If you have to ask I am not sure they would be the bike for you. An other thing to keep in mind is that Ducs are twins as a rule, and agusta prefers there I4s So they are building bikes with different behaviors in mind.
    Now are you talking about F4 999 1098 848 Monster (600 or 900) blah blah blah… You have mentioned manufacturer but what sort of bike are you looking for? A naked hoon machine, a Street legal racebike? A Tourer???
    Get your tail in some saddles and find out what rides well for you, because such an open question can’t really be answered in an easy way.
  3. nah shit bikes.
  4. +1!! I would buy them if I had that kinda cash...
  5. This coming from a quality hyosung owner :LOL:
  6. If you're talking F4 when mentioning MV Agusta, I would say: 'watch your thumbs'.
    Ducati superbikes are OK , but they're a pain in town with the heavy clutch & lack of steering lock (turning circle).

    Both bikes are expencive, but that doesn't really mean anything if money is just a another thing for you. They might be desirable but no one will take you seriously with those bikes if your tyres aren't scrubbed to the edges. It's like having a beautiful girlfriend & never sleeping with her.

    Bikes aren't so much like cars where's you could jump on & fag it with only some ancient expereince on a Hodaka on somebodies farm or a RD when you passed your licence in the '80s.

    Modern big power sports bikes will eventially bite & throw you off no problem at all. This forum is full of new riders straight into sports bikes who then sell out after binning it @ the Black Spur or looping it out on Chapel St.

    THere are a million bikes better suited to someone new into bikes after a spell off them, even competant 'sports' bikes.
    You'll be better off scoping these bikes yourself, which means riding them & you'll be able to tell us exactly how spot on they are for you.

    Don't forget, you'll have to wear a tight fitting helmet & there's no air conditioning either.
  7. Best to do as stated,ultra sports bike have that very special riding position,start do Yoga now.
  8. Agree. But he could be after a Duc Monster (naked and easy going, just like my neighbor) ... Although I highly doubt it!!
  9. Sorry guys i should have been more precise but great input so far.

    Ducati 1098 or maybe the next one down

    MV Agusta F4

    I haven't ridden either but i guess i can just do that at a dealership.

    I love the look and sound of the Ducati.

    I love the look of the MV and it's something different from a Duke. Stock they are to quiet so i'd like to make it louder.

    I'm not going to track the bike. It would be only a nice weekend ride with some slight thrashing about. No long distance rides planned.

    Price isn't a problem as they are much cheaper than the cars i was looking at :shock:
  10. I sold it. :wink:
  11. They are great bikes, buy the one that makes your heart rate race. :LOL:

    No seriously buy the one that screams at you RIDE ME NOW :grin:
  12. Ooooor play on the safe side at first and buy the Duc 848 (looks EXACTLY like the 1098. To the untrained eye that is) and increase your chances of surviving the shock of riding a sports bike, after you get used/tired of it, buy the 1098... Then again, who wants to live forever??? :LOL: If money isn't a problem, I say go the DESMO!! :cool:
  13. They are both fooli sik, make sure your helmet is colour co-ordinated, and maybe a team jacket.
  14. :rofl: and full matching red leathers for you and your partner!
  15. Before you even consider buying a bike such as those mentioned, make damn certain you coffee drinking technique is down pat! Wouldnt want you looking like a complete twat at the local latte shop.
  16. having recently transitioned from a honda to a ducati i can asure you that the japanese engineer a better more refined bike.

    my duc gives me vibes.. literally but still makes me smile looking and riding it. its a love hate thing
  17. You go out there and buy whatever you like Mr Ig. The duc has a very nice aftermarket system that will give it a nice note, the MV sounds great anyway. There are also other options you should pursue such as clutch upgrades and bling levers.

    I think you are leaving out one good bike though - The Apilia RSV-R Factory. More carbon fibre than the space shuttle and will kick the arse of most Ducatis - 1098 series excepted - and can be blinged out like a bastard.

    Don't listen to the nay-sayers, it doesn't matter that you have stuff all experience and can't ride one properly. Buy it, ride it very occasionally and make sure you pay to get it serviced as per the log book. Oh, and don't forget to get the service book stamped and don't lose the tools or other bits and pieces that come with it. In fact, make sure you keep it in pristine condition.
  18. You will get noticed more on a custom harly chopper.

    Serioulsy though troy corsa has trouble controlling the ducati 1098 , so you've got no hope.

    Get yourself a nice red hyonsong gt650 and re badge it with ducati stickers, no one will no the difference anyway and get a few months riding time in first !

    Good luck with purchase !
  19. that was a very strange post 99sydrd
    i dont think the OP got any good info out of that
  20. If you want one and have the coin buy one...Duc or MV is like asking Lamborghini or Ferrari...who gives a shit they are both better bikes than most riders...and don't be worried about being able to control them either I see loads of 1098's and F4's puttering around the good roads and from looking at the tyres none of em lean more than 15 degrees from vertical...so as long as you can control the throttle and brakes you should be fine :p