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Mutilation Gone Wrong

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Is this article suggesting that mutilating infants is an acceptable medical procedure but young adults is not? I still reckon parents wanting to inflict this procedure on their children should at least be paying the rates for a cosmetic procedure and at best not allowed to do this to children. The practice I think should only be allowed in consenting adults.

    The behaviour of the doctors in this instance was appalling and I would say borders on a torture case. Very disgusted....

    Botched Circumcision
  2. No subject will elicit as much idiotic, emotional irrationality in human beings as the shape and size of their penis'.
    You won't ever get uniform agreement on this, but you will get a bunch of lurid outbursts. Just leave it alone IMHO.
  3. Its best to have these out in the open. This is after all a tribal blood ritual/body modification/cultural rite of sexual control performed on children that are legally unable to consent to things, not even to things no where near as serious as this. Even the 14 year old is too young.

    Honestly, I think both parents need a smack in the head. They knowingly offered their son to be mutilated (in the best case mutilated), could see the distress that it causes, failed to stop the procedure and then now they have a son who will have severe physical and psychological for the rest of his life.

    Oh, and the title is a little odd isnt it? Mutilation gone wrong, as opposed to mutilation gone right?
  4. Parents got what they deserved, kid didn't.
  5. There are no wieners here, just losers.
  6. That's true, everybody got shafted.

    Geez those doctors were dicks.
  7. Bloody pricks.
  8. what a cockup.
  9. Stories like these cut like a knife into your emotions.
  10. dickheads

  11. Stop being all stiffs. It's only a slice + dice.

    Yup, I had it. Guess my parents were thinking about being religious + heard Jews make the most $$$$? *ducks* (yeah I know, too late!)
  12. You're all a bunch of clowns! :LOL:

    Poor kid though, I still don't think its right. I don't see why leaving it to be done on consenting adults is such an unreasonable thing to suggest.
  13. N4R, shouldnt be done as an infant or as a four year old?
  14. The story did not say why the procedure was being done, only highlighted the result and that the doctor was not licenced to do that procedure.

    You clowns, wake up to yourself.

    There is medical reasons why it is also done.

    My son had the procedure done, in a hospital, think he was 3 at the time, as the foreskin opening was to small and tight, which left him getting urinary tract infections.

    Should I have left it till he was an adult, let him then decide, and have complications till then, don't think so.
  15. Doing it for medical reasons is a whole different kettle of fish to doing it for religious/cultural reasons. However, it is not very common that it is required for medical reasons and there are often alternative treatments available. Most of the time it really is an unnecessary procedure.
  16. What?!
    It's covered by Medicare because people just don't want to pay for it!??!?!

    That's a bit Jewish...
  17. Horrific stuff!
    That poor boy...
    IMHO this should only be done for Medical reasons and even then the child should be fully sedated , ive watched some seriously messed up crap being done to babies/toddlers/young adults all over the world in the name of " religion " ...
    Proud to be an Atheist!
  18. I don't think it's a religious thing anymore. Irrational maybe, which is close to religious I guess.
  19. Penis!

  20. My wang is proudly hoodie-less and I'm glad of it.

    Have whatever opinion on the question you like, but emotive language like 'mutilation' hardly helps make a serious case...