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Must visit for anyone heading up the Pacific Hwy!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hewy, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents,

    So today I went to view a rental property in Mt Colah. Its nice and quiet backs onto the bush etc.
    It is pretty much what I am looking for in terms of location. So I ask the agent about parking for my ride...
    "well the owner doesn't want anybody with a motorbike"


    This is discrimination as far as I am concerned. It's like saying "the owner doesn't want any <insert ethnicity here> moving in".

    I was quite taken back when the agent told me that... I have since thought of numerous comments I could have made (if only they had come to me at the time!).

    Anyway next time I ride up the Pacific I will be stopping in at Mt Colah and seeing just what my bike sounds like when I rev it to 15000 rpm. I suggest you do the same!


    EDIT: address removed
  2. Yeah - let's piss off the tenants of the rental property because they've obviously had a lot to do with the landlord's preferences :roll:

    EDIT: and I really don't think its appropriate to be publishing addresses on here like that.
  3. Forgot to mention.. the landlord lives upstairs.
  4. I studied Real Estate a few years back and what the agent said is illegal
    they are liable for what comes out of their mouth (plus they are by law required to let the landlord know that they cannot discriminate by race, age or in your case choice of transport), it probably wouldn't be worth it but you could fight in court if you really wanted to.

  5. lol, you probably failed by the sound of it. That is not illegal, and please don't give a 'keyboard lawyer' rant on discrimination because you are so far off the beam. Of course a landlord can choose not to allow a tenant with a noisy hobby :roll:

    You could, and you'd lose :LOL: Even the ridiculously tenant-biased ACT Tenancy Tribunal would find against you in that one.

    To the OP - the landlord might be a 60 year old nurse who works nights, and doesn't want to be woken up in the morning by a bike. I suggest you stop being such a fcukwit.
  6. My understanding, if you own a house and you wanted to decide who you want to rent it out to, you get the final say....

    Otherwise people would be taken to court about "no pets".

  7. Not that i know anything other than a quick google but
    From Here http://www.reiaustralia.com.au/consumer/tips_for_lessors.asp
    Seems to imply that NegroGrande is right
  8. You may consider motorcycling to be a religion, marital status or sexual preference, (or more likely you love your motorcycle like a child :p ) but I highly doubt that a judge/magistrate/tenancy tribunal will agree with you. As such, there is no unfair discrimination here.

    As above, no unfair discrimination has occurred and the landlord is merely choosing the most suitable tenant.

    No, it doesn't. Please see my previous comment about 'keyboard lawyer' rants.
  9. Egg-zackery! Nice example.
  10. Warning, tangent approaching :LOL:


    It is discrimination, but that doesn't necessarily make it unfair. You are discriminating against petrol station owners every time you drive past a servo in search of cheaper fuel. By your logic, all these servo owners/employees and their friends/families should stop in your driveway and rev their motor vehicles whenever they pass your residence.

    I really can't stand all the self-righteous little piss ants these days, no wonder litigation is so out of hand. The world doesn't revolve around you, sorry sunshine.
  11. Strange for someone so vocal about other people's shortcomings that you ignore this part of the quote...

    Seems pretty cut and dried to me...

    Now in an industry run by pond life I don't expect it to work that way in practice. But The real Estate Institute seems pretty clear.
  12. The above is not legislation, it is 'tips and general information' from a professional organisation which renders it irrelevant.

    If you have two tenants who meet the above criteria, how will you decide between them? You'll choose the one who won't wake you up/piss you off of course.

    Aww come one, they aren't used car salesmen! I'm engaged to some of that 'pond scum' :LOL: It was an extremely dodgy industry once upon a time, but they are now heavily regulated (at least in the ACT anyway) and put a lot of effort into compliance with relevant legislation. ACT Office of Fair Trading like to take away licences, so it's in the best interests of the agencies to comply.

    You think? The paragraph above those dot points directly contradicts them. This is because the dot points are general guidelines and the paragraph above is paraphrasing legislation.
  13. Guys guys, lets not get so worked up about this...

    I just wanted to vent over some old coot who doesn't like motorcyclists.

    To be honest I hope someone moves in there that has a filthy big v8 with a sports exhaust...

    Its kinda one of those things as a real estate agent you wouldnt be able to police very well anyway, legal or not. Last time I filled in an application for a place I don't remember a question about what sort of vehicle you drive/ride.

  14. No worries hewy, nothing wrong with venting. You should probably take the address down though, you never know what kind of loonies are lurking around on this site :p
  15. Hewy, we had to list our vehicle's number plate on the lease, guess so they can blame us if they drive past and our car is parked on the grass or footpath!! But never any question on the type of vehicle!! So now we have 2 bikes, a car, a 4WD and a pocket rocket!!
  16. Call the Northern Area Tenants Service
    9884 9605
    Monday : 9am -5pm
    Tuesday : 9am -2pm
    Thursday : 9am -5pm
    Friday : 9am -2pm

    Ask if it is illegal.
    You will need to give them details, address, time, names
    State the facts and nothing else ( i went, i liked, i ask about bike, i got dismissed, i left)

    If they say it is illegal, tell them that you lost your day going up there + fuel + you feel depressed because you got treated unfairly and feel like been discriminated for the type of transportation you choose. etc etc

    Ask them what are they going to do about it. They will probably call the agent etc. Ask for an apology from someone. If you get one and you like the place and you are game enough, go and rent it!!!! That would be daily satisfaction to pull up with your bike!!!1

    Or go to event/ride calendar and organise a ride!!
  17. No it's not legislation it's advice from The Real Estate Institute of Australia the national professional association for the real estate industry they say.

    So obviously advice from the professional association of your industry is irrelevant..

    Yes you can decide privately it's still discrimination, but unenforceable. If you tell the Agent and he is stupid enough to tell a prospective tenant then you are wide open.

    The real estate industry is still incredibly dodgy, pushing at the regulation all the way. The difference between them and Car salesmen is that car salesmen do not pretend to represent both sides of the deal

    So how does
    contradict this
  18. ok, address has been removed.

    I dont think I will take this any further. Really if it came down to it, it would be my word against theirs.

    The fact that the land lord is upstairs is a pretty big turn off when it comes to renting a place. I mean I wouldnt be able to have wild parties with bikes pulling burn outs in the living room and that's no fun!

  19. The landlord can choose to rent the property to whomever he pleases, it's his property, that's why he's the landlord. If he wants to leave it vacant, or rent it to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, he can. And if he has two people bidding for it (and in Sydney at the moment it's more likely to be twenty-two) he can make up whatever reason he likes for accepting or refusing a prospective tenant's application.