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Must of been trained young

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by midnight, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. where can i order one of them from??? Must be a old model as all the new ones i have looked at don't come with that option
  2. i think i'm missing something here....

    other than sh's doing a great impersonation of a pack mule.
  3. Uh i think thats the point man...

    She looks like a keeper if he's trained her like that already!!! :LOL: :p
  4. yeah but hey have a habit of rebelling if you keep it up too much.
  5. ooo yeah, he's going to pay for that somewhere down the track, when he least expects it....

    "Honey, I can't carry all your stuff any more; I'm pregnant!!!"
  6. Notice the "you're gunna lose that grin... arsehole" smile on her face?

    Notice the positition of the legs, feet...

    Also notice how she is "adjusting" the strap on the left shoulder...
    That's cos she needs to make sure the left arm has freedom of movement, to swing that load straight round and into the crutch.................

    Biy, is he gunna suffer!!
  7. ok , so the guy has a grin on his face, whoes to say any of the gear is his???

    these days women do for themselves, it's probably all her stuff and would get a might nasty if he offered to carry any for her :p
  8. This is something i have as a work in procress with Rhonda . :^o :^o
  9. It's all about the beer. :D
  10. Weight bearing activities will enhance your bone density and go some way in the prevention of osteoporosis. :D
  11. Hence why the Missionary position is often popular with alot of fair maidens :shock: :p :D
  12. ...and why doggy style is popular with guys with less than fair maidens?
  13. Argh.....good to see one of my ex-students who graduated from the 'School of Dazza' :shock: I must endeavor to get in contact with him (well the wife to make the phone call and pass the phone to me) and let him know I am a little diappointed that he is NOT carring TWO stubbies of alkamahole :wink:

    Cheers 8)

    2006 Enrolements are filling fast people........get in quick.
    We will also be rolling out a new Course. "Diploma in Applied Manipulation' Dip App Man. The course is designed to make the women firmly believe that she is priveldged to do such activities.
  14. Dave, it should read 'Must HAVE been trained young'

    Funny though!!
  15. ^
    Nah they just want to watch you fk 'em :wink:
  16. Now that you mention it, I'm getting a picture....