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Must do places and roads in Tassie

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by VFR750 IRYDE, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Heading to Tassie in March for a road trip on the bike. I'm using a bikers atlas to help me select the roads n stuff, but I'm just wondering, are there any 'OMG you MUST do *insert whatever here* while ur in Tassie...' things that I should know about?

    Any town / pubs / roads / lookouts / whatevers that I should have on my list?

    I'm there for at least two weeks (longer if the ridings as good as they say) so I will get down to Hobart from Launceston, and I might even aim for lands end, just for kicks.


  2. Just about any road outside the main highways are narrow with lots of bends etc. I like the road to Cradle Mtn from Forth C132, Launceston to St Helens on the A3, Ulverstone to the Leven Canyon, Hellyer Gorge on the A10 from Burnie to the West coast, Cethana Rd from the C132 near Cradle Mth to Mt Roland near Sheffield etc etc.
  3. I got this summary of good Tassie roads off the OZVFR site (by one of their posters - Wannabe - ozvfr . net) hopfully you could try some of these roads on the VFR (a perfect bike for Tasmania!).

    A guide to roads in Tas:

    1. Richmond-Swansea. Combination of high speed sweepers and tighter sections with coastal views. A personal favourite as the action starts a mere 15 minutes from the CBD. High speed, amazing views and very open so there isn't as much moisture on the road in the cooler months. Can get a bit of traffic but plenty of opportunities to pass.
    Rating: 9/10 (summer) - 7/10 (winter)

    2. Swansea-St. Helens. Serious high speed sweepers, coastal scenery to rival the G.O.R. Opportunity to top out your bike while banked over in glorious sweepers
    A bit of twisty stuff just before St.Helens to top you off. A good ride is Hobart to St.Helens via Richmond, lunch at St.Helens (amazing seafood as it is a coastal fishing village) and then back to Hobart. About 550-600 k's but with no boring motorways, it's entertainment almost all the way.
    Rating: 9/10 (summer) - 7/10 (winter)

    3. St. Helens-Scottsdale. Awesome RGV territory, tight but flowing. Surface can be a bit dodgey at times but in general quite good.
    Rating: 8.5/10 (Spring, Summer, Autumn).

    4. Scottsdale-Launceston (Sidling). Also awesome RGV territory, tight but flowing.
    Rating: 8.5/10 (Spring, Summer, Autumn).

    5. Mole Creek-Tullah (Cradle Mountain). Roughly 60% tight, 40% sweepers. Stunning views. Variable surface but the VFR eats roads like this for breakfast
    Rating: 8/10 (Late Spring, Summer, early Autumn).

    6. Wynyard-Tullah (Hellyer Gorge). Combination of sweepers and tight sections.
    Rating: 8/10 (Summer, early Autumn).

    7. Tullah-Zeehan (Reece Dam). Combination of sweepers and tight sections. Road condition suffers at times, especially just after winter. Scenic views, BUGGER-ALL TRAFFIC
    Rating: 7/10 (Summer, early Autumn).

    8. Tullah-Queenstown (Henty By-pass). Generally medium grade corners, great ride and great views with virtually no traffic...as in you'd think it's your private road...AWESOME
    Rating 8.5/10 (Summer, early Autumn).

    9. Zeehan-Strahan. High speed sweepers - I'll repeat - high speed sweepers. Great views. Great road. Has to be seen! Less traffic than you'd expect.
    Rating 8.5/10 (Summer, early Autumn).

    Strahan-Queenstown. Tight in some places open in others. Variable surface, reasonable grip.
    Rating: 8/10 (Summer, early Autumn).

    10. Queenstown-Hamilton. Fantastic ride which includes the '99 Bends' at Queenstown and tight sections at Surprise Valley and Tarraleah. This one has everything - stunning views, sweepers, hairpins, straights, damns, mountains, rivers. Does require full concentration at times as there are a few traps that await the unwary, blind corners/hairpins etc...just makes it more enjoyable if you ask me. Surface is variable, can be bumpy but your VFR will love it. Grip is very good. This ride is an absolute must if the weather is good.
    Rating: 8.5/10 (Summer, early Autumn) - 9.5/10 if you're on a VFR.

    11. Bushy Park-Strathgordon. Nice twisty ride but let down by the road condition sometimes, again not so bad on a VFR. Also there are a couple of 'surprise corners' to keep you on your toes. Great views of the South West Wilderness though.
    Rating: 7/10 (Summer, early Autumn).

    12. Melton Mowbray-Cressy (Central Highlands). Great ride over the Central Highlands of Tasmania. Some tight 15-20 km/h turns around Poatina.
    Rating 7.5/10 (Late Spring, Summer, early Autumn).

    13. Swansea-Campbell Town (Lake Leake). High speed sweepers but tighter at the Swansea end. Fantastic Road, catches out a lot of riders though so pay attention. Very high tyre wear, road is abrasive but a lot of fun. Pick a warm day as it tends to get very cold through here a lot of the time.
    Rating 8/10 (All year).

    14. Campbell Town-Cressy. Nice country road. Much more fun than the Midlands Highway. Watch out for the occasional patch of gravel.
    Rating: 7/10 (All year).

    15. Geeveston-Dover (Verona Sands). Great afternoon ride. Gets mossy during Winter.
    Rating: 6/10 (All year).

    Enjoy the corners :grin:
  4. This would be my favourite road in Tassie, BUT to make it truly awesome you need to ride the route like this:

    Hobart - Margate - Cygnet - Woodstock - Sandfly - Huonville - Geeveston - Dover - Southport. Brilliant route!

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  6. I've ridden a fair proportion of those mentioned on the list of 15 and IMHO it's accurate. :)
  7. Ica's got it pretty much in one. Should also add in Nicholl's Rivulet, down near Cygnet in Hobart's south. It's relatively short but has plenty of corners and a good road surface. Just note that the road can be damp if it hasn't been sunny for the last few days.