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Must be one of those "real" riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. The ones Strider was complaining weren't around any more.

  2. This thread might run to ten pages too :rofl:
  3. yes, that's right, I said that we need to ride drunk :roll:

    If you want to have a laugh at my expense I really don't mind, but it would be nice if you bothered to get your facts right.

    Then again, no, let's continue this way; that's what makes netrider so ... 'unique' :p :LOL:
  4. F$%%&n' HERO!!!

  5. hahahaha ROLF, I guess that's why they're not around anymore hey? They're DEAD! :? (or in jail)
  6. howd he manage to stay on the bike lol
  7. Was he wearing full leathers, helmet, gloves, etc? If so he is just another wannabe !!
  8. HELL YEAH I'm with ya brother this forum needs more ROLF!
  9. Translation: A drunk rider who crossed to the wrong side of the road in an attempt to evade police was helped off his vehicle today with the aide of a police car. :)
  10. Anyone who drinks and rides has gotta be a bloody idiot ...


    .. My contribution to a 10+ page thread :LOL:
  11. in for page 1!!!

    i wonder if the bike was actually running, or i he forgot to put the key in it and was using the gutter to help him push it along!
  12. "While being helped from his motorcycle, the intoxicated man was heard to mumble, "STRider made me do it". "


  13. Dunno about that mate,.....I'm in awe of him, anyone that can ride in that state has to be a god :shock: :eek: .........F*#ck!! I cant even walk, never mind balance a bloody bike :p
  14. A long ago mate once was sufficiently pissed that he managed to lose a (equally pissed) pillion off the back at considerable speed and didn't notice. Even pulled up outside the guy's house and sat there long enough for him to get off before pissing off home.

    It was only when said pillion turned up at the pub the following night covered in bruises that anyone realised :grin: .

    Yes, I know it could have been tragic. But it wasn't and managed to be bloody funny instead.
  15. ^^^^^^ :rofl: ^^^^^^
  16. So how drunk does the pillion have to be before *they're* too drunk to ride?

    EDIT: Damn! page 2 ...
  17. My dad told me a story of how he was 21 and back in New Zealand, and was at a party getting smashed. at the end of the night, he staggered to his bonny & kick started it.

    He woke up in the morning on his side in some bushes, straddling the bike (which was not running).

    he worked out he was so smashed that when he went to kick start the bike, he instead fell over in to the bushes & passed out :shock:

    he said to me 'i think maybe it's a good thing I didn't ride home that night'.
  18. Bahahahahahaha. Freaking goldddddddddddd. :)
  19. edgelett - :rofl:

    That is priceless!