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Must be a male keyboard

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by midnight, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. There should be two p0rn buttons, you know, for when the first one wears out :p

  2. That K/board looks faulty, couldn't quite pick it straight off, then it dawned on me, the Keys are backwards :?

    The p0rn key should be 1st
  3. Where's the BEER key???
  4. And where is the "Mow the lawns" and the "Take the bins out" keys? I think that keyboard still needs a bit of work :D
  5. Where's the "Promise a coffee and then welch on it" key??? :p
  6. Now, now children.... If you wanna come see us Paul, its fine... if Debs just happens to leave for that w/e its her fault....

    Even if you did promise her... :p ;) :D
  7. Bloody Men!!!! :roll:
  8. Bloody WOmen!!!! :roll:
  9. Get your own lines Booga :p
  10. Get your own lines Booga :p .... I mean Flipper :p
  11. Not to mention the majority of the population is right-handed, so it'd make sense to have it on the left... :roll: :LOL:
  12. well it certainly isnt a female keyboard as it's got no speaker built into so it can't make any noise :p
  13. Took that key out Paul , there seemed to be a problem with it . It only ever made a noise when i pressed it , it sounded a bit like , "get it ya self ya lazy prick " :shock: