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Muso's corner

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. I thought seeing tho there was a lot of replies to the cover thread. I would see how many out there like to participate in the sound, rather than be an audience to it.

    I just played for 11 hours...almost solid. I am so knackered, but wired at the same time. So sorry for the longy post, I'm bored, and I can type so it doesn't take me as long as it would to speak it.....probably why my posts always look so trashy.

    I've always loved the acoustic. Nothing comes close to a well played, well made acoustic.
    And somehow I inherited a Gibson 59 Les Paul...way too good for me. So I bought an EpiPhone LP std to take to jams with me so I can get a bit messy and spill my drink all over it, drop it and do what I do without much care.
    And then of course I needed an amp worthy of an original G LP.
    So I bought a Vox AC4C1 BL ... My initials are BL, and it was originally designed in 61..my birth year...it's a had to be.

    TBH me, the guitars and amp sound $hit.. haha it does some stuff really well... but the humbuckers mess it up pretty quick. Good thing most things I play like that.

    So then I had to buy a Fender strat...American std of course.

    Mine and the amps range increased out of site.. I like the EpiPhone... I love the strat. I'm scared of the GLP..and it can stay in it's case.

    When it was just me and my Washburn WD32sce, and my Takamine G?? dready, I had beer money... I could play all my songs and have one in all the tunes I like...and drink beer.

    Today was it tho, I woke up and knew I had to have an effex board..and stompies...I like to stomp..
    I have done my research and then hit the shops this morning. I tried out all the ones I wanted to try and the G5 just did it for me... What you get for the money...$320 is a whole lotta fun and noise
    I got home at 9.30am..... I pulled the switch at 9.15 tonight

  2. Dam some nice toys, I tried to teach my self guit when i seen a program called Guitar Pro 3. I suck but can make a few notes.Never played anything worthwhile :(

    My buddy kicks it,Bass,Guit,Banjo,Drums keyboard. Played since he was a kid

    I bought his E-drums ,hooked it into my delta1010. Smacked them for a few months , that was major fun ,Running some really good software and my sound system :D It even blew him away when he heard it running (the delta and my ska power amps)<-- hand built powers amps into 4 speaks and a sub,It was just massive. Both sound and physical size . ASIO drivers and a poweramp can be scary. Lack of any type of physical volume control .Indescribable when you get it wrong and hit a pad
  3. I'd be interested in what actual guitar players think of this new 'game' that just came out called Rocksmith. It's supposed to be the first game to teach you real guitar, so it's more of a teaching tool wrapped in a game to make it fun. They claim 95% of users improved their skills, thought I'm fairly sure it was an internal survey so may be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it looks pretty sweet to me.

  4. #4 morbosity, Oct 14, 2012
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    Interesting ,Sounds like a dumbed down version of guitar pro .Not saying thats a bad thing .real software scares people , Im all for learning aids .teaching The small nuance`s may be beyond any program.Still anything that inspires people to play.
    Don`t underestimate Youtube to build up basic skills. Some very good teachers make video`s. .[URL="]
    [/URL]i`ll have to give this guy a bump ,for anyone considering learning.

    the rocksmith page just wont load :(
  5. TBH you would be better off buying a guitar.
    You need to get some fingertips...tips like steel. And a toy wont do that. Only 11 - 42/46 strings can.The toy might help keep you keen....or turn you off cause you think you sound bad.
    Like anything hard it takes time and persistence. I started at 43 and am so glad I did.
    Utube is great for lessons....and there are some bad ones, but for most they are great.
    Tabs and other forms of learning are all free and all there on the net...every song you ever wanted to play.
    Just a matter of picking up a beer and a guitar and starting.
    And yeah morbosity...I heard some good things about those SKA amps. Do you use the tube as a pre amp ??? That's what I use the Vox for, or if it's just a garage jam. The thing is louder than all my friends 25w digitals
  6. Sadly. i dont use a pre (in any form a normal person would), i just used a crappy old guitar amp , run into my delta1010 rackmount . And went digital from their . I mainly liked the acoustic though.

    My buddy`s new setup is very good ,he records alot some usb thing . i`ll get the name of it. Even sader i dismantled it and gave away most of it in prep to start a new life.

    Yes Ska amps are amazing ,I just run straight from the xonar asus St to amp.People freak out at noises they never heard before coming from a seemingly unknown dimension . i was so impressed i bought another one,main amp has not been switched off except for the rare occasion in 6 years
  7. Some effects are a real tone suck and can detract from learning a feel of dynamics and reaching for expression through tonal variation.
  8. They don't suck as much tone if you put them after the pre-amp (ie in the effects loop), or use a blending pedal.
  9. I think he means the preset ones...which can. It's all a personal thing.
    I like the way you can easily edit on the G5...some have a bit of background noise....the pre-sets
    They are fun, but yeah you need years on an acoustic to get the proper techniques. For mine I still prefer an acoustic sound.
    The joy of effex board is a I can play an acoustic 12 string then be playing a lead... say Bon Jovi's Wanted dead or alive. Good fun, you can play with songs like Deep Purples woman from tokyo and get that real change in sound..and still be playing the one guitar... It even can make my LP sound like a strat...well almost.
    The G5 has 120 peddles in it, and 20 odd amps. You can hook up 9 stomp box's in four stacks....pretty much all you need. And with a little mod it fits perfect in the hard case next to the guitar. Makes getting out of there nice and easy at the end. A hand for an amp and one for the guitar, leads and crap in the backpack...I'm gone in 5

    I have seen the G5 on fleebay for $399. I got it for $320 at Mooloolaba music...they look after me well.
    I tried the Boss ME25...@ $249...good and I would say great infront of a didital amp....But sounded very digital infront of a tube ??? Nice small and tough tho.
    Also tried the GT100 very nice and would have been my one but for the price..$549

    The Digitech RP335 sounded great...but...It just didn't seem as tough as the G5 and was $20 more..

    Well as long as I don't start singing I am good for a while on bits.....I still have a hankering for a banjo tho...wanted one way before I got into this eleccy crap
  10. Take out the GLP every once in a while when you're sober :). She's too beautiful not to be let out to play sometimes ... A guitar that doesn't sing (or in the case of mine, screech and yodel) is a sad guitar.
  11. What's the thinking on a simple looper? I'm looking for something just for my own practice to be able to drop 16 bars of rhythm then practice lead over the top. I've borrowed a mates jamman but it's quite fiddly for my uber basic needs.
  12. Yeah some effects not all.
    I spent 20 years on an Maton 325C but I learnt on electric and ended up going back to it about 12 years ago. I have an American Deluxe strat fitted out with Fender Custom Shop '69s. I put her into a Fender Super Reverb reissue, also got an Ibanez Bandit 112 which is a fantastic little amp.
    I do use effects but I'm a purist when it comes to tone.
    Ibanez tube screamer with the Keeley mods, authentic vintage JRC chip and true bypass.
    Keeley modded BD-2 blues driver which also makes a good clean boost
    Fulltone '69 Fuzz
    RMC picture wah - these are great
    Maxon AD999 analogue delay
    Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
    also a Route 66 American Overdrive, only use the compresser on it which is just OK. A Keeley compressor would be much better.
  13. I bought one but haven't used if very much. Maybe a keyboard with some looping functions is the way to go -- can write your own drum beats too and get a different view on how the chords work.

    That said, I'm not in a band at the moment and I learn very differently from other people -- and I play bass.
  14. I use a multi-track computer program, there are heaps of devices out there for looping.
    I learnt lead taping myself with an old cassette deck and playing over it till my fingers bled.
  15. I am trying to use the Cubebase Elements from steinburg...it was free with the G5.
    Good fun..TBH so much crap/stuff on it I don't think I have played a whole song yet.
    Tinkering is fun
  16. Sonar was the one I used. I don't pick my guitar up much any more, haven't done any recording for a couple of years now.
  17. I finally have both my teenage daughters playing, so my excuse for new stuff is always that they will get it when I am bored with the old.
    In theory that was great...in reality I always seem to be missing half my stuff....I go thru tuners and picks like no tomorrow.
    Least they haven't found my string stash yet....Dr Tomastik all the way
  18. I will eventually get some mics and a receiver, need to start tracking drums. Once I get those, a mid-range acoustic and boom! Record deal!
  19. haha if ya names Justin
  20. The whole point of Rocksmith is that you use a real guitar. Anything with an audio jack amp plug thing can be used, the game comes with an adaptor for it. So you play on what you want, and the difficulty level scales with your skill.