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Muslims seek public holidays to celebrate faith

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26062654-421,00.html

    Maybe I hang with the wrong crowd but I dont know anybody who refuses to work on those public holidays for purely religious reasons.

    Will be interesting to hear the governments response to this call for these extra holidays by muslims.

  2. SELF-proclaimed Sydney-based Muslim community spokesman Keysar Trad....

    :wink: fixed
  3. Public holidays don't exist in my current employ.
  4. In the full report, he made a good point. He is not talking about holidays just for Muslims, but asking, why, in an apparent secular society, why holidays for Easter and Christmas are now enshrined in NSW law, but holidays for other religions are not. The NSW government have passed a law that makes these dates (and Anzac day) days when it is impossible to force a worker to work, should they request not to. But for someone who is a Hindu, Muslim or Jew, there is no such protection. Ask your boss for time off or refuse to work on a sacred day, then you have no such protection. Personally, I think he raises a good point.
  5. The Catholics/Christians do have Christmas and Easter. And the Jewish faith have a few also. Can't see why it should be an issue if the Muslims have a few also.
    However it would be nice that if you're not a believer in the religious festival you shouldn't take the holiday.
    I wonder how many netrider athiests will work on Christmas day ???
  6. It's definitely a tricky one. It's just not as simple as the headline makes out.
  7. I have had a few australia days this year, well 8 to be exact :grin: its called sickies plus the other self proclaimed public holiday sickies i deserved also :LOL:
    Ahh it pays to be a nurse :LOL:
  8. Christmas and New Years go hand in hand, as 'time off'.

    They could change and ban Easter public holidays, but no-one would turn up for work, because it's a perceived entitlement... and they're drunk.

    Proper Muslims don't drink alcohol.

    I love that the kebab shop near Maccas in North Parramatta is well staffed and open on Christmas Day...
  9. ahh the good old PUB lic holiday, gotta love it :LOL:
  10. You're a true Aussie!
  11. I can understand the idea of the debate, and its sinister undertones too, but let's then have a recognition and upholding of Bhuddist holy days, and Shinto holy days, and Hindu holy days, and let's, in fact, not bother working at all because every day will be a holy-day :roll:

  12. Lets see I'm 45 and I can only think of 5 years since joining the workforce that I have had xmas day off, [ and those 5 the company I worked for, shut down over xmas so I didn't get a choice ] I've already put in to work xmas this year as well. I also work easter if given the chance too :p

    Since trying to have 'religion' shoved down my throat when young, I stay well away from it, I can honestly count on my hands the amount of church time I've had since 17, and they where for funerals I had to attend !

    No offense to anyone on NR or in the world thats holds there faith, it's just not me :)

    So you can add me to your list of atheists that WILL work xmas /easter if given the chance 2up :p :LOL:
  13. Seems to me the only workable solution here is that everybody gets 2 days off per year for religious holidays and the exact dates are to be nominated by the employee giving the boss at least 1 months notice to cover their work on the day. You cant set a particular date for all religions so make it like normal holiday entitlements where the dates are on an individual basis.
  14. i work christmas, pretty much every year. not to mention most public holidays anyway. Some times it Pays to cook for a living.
  15. i prefer to just take the public holidays off and also a few sick days and get payed to enjoy myself away from work :LOL:
    Hmmm did i mention im taking 5 weeks annual leave next week :LOL:
  16. I've worked plenty of Christmases and almost every Good Friday. There is nothing else to do on a Good Friday so I figured I might as well work. I'm happy to have the days off tho. I just celebrate the summer solstice and the first full moon after the autumn equinox.

    I think Rodsyd is on the money. Everyone gets to nominate two days a year for observe personal beliefs.
  17. What are the sinister undertones?
  18. obviously it would be silly to make the holidays of a minority group also public holidays but it makes sense to make it a law not to discriminate against people who want to take unpaid or annual leave on such holy days.

    perhaps people who wish to take such days off should ask for it to be written into their employment contract so the employer does not feel taken advantage of.
  19. You forgot Scientology. I can see those whacky scientologists demanding a public holiday of their very own ( probably to audit some unsuspecting family member ) and of course once you open up to a cult like that you will have set a precendent for the religion of Jedi who who will also proclaim a "Lucas" holiday, an "Ewok Emancipation Day" and refuse to work on those days.
  20. YES!

    That's exactly how I view them :beer: