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Musings from the Monash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Nothing profound, just a couple of observations from the morning's commute.

    To the Harley rider riding along the right-hand emergency lane at 100 klicks - try lane-splitting, ya goose! And a matt-black open face helmet doesn't look tough when you match it with freshly-laundered jeans and an adidas bag slung over your shoulder. :roll: :LOL:

    To the lane-splitting scooter rider who knew I was behind him/her for ages and refused to let me through despite ample opportunity - you're a thoughtless git. And you were bloody scary to sit behind, too. If you keep wobbling along between semis like that you're going to have a seriously unpleasant morning one of these days. :(

    To the car drivers and truckies who moved over to let me and other riders through - gold star and elephant stamp! I reckon some of these guys are actually catching on. :grin:

    Can't wait until the run home this evening! :LOL:
  2. :LOL: :LOL:
    prolly find those who pull over ride/used to ride, themselves. can't imagine anyone else doing so. but still nice to see :grin:
  3. I find that people with smashed mirrors from previous lanesplitters tend to pull over too! ;)
  4. Agreed, i'll always drop across a bit in to the emergency lane in the cage if i see a bike spliting.

  5. Before I rode I always did it for two reasons:

    1. So that the lane splitter doesn't get knocked off by me.
    2. So that I don't get any damage to my car.

    If they're in that much of a hurry, let them go is what I say.
  6. Copped a plastic bag in the face on the monash this morning... flew off the back of a truck. Didn't stick, but scared the shit outa me... and that's my story.
  7. Tottaly aggree with you gromit
    it was like mosses parting the red sea this morning cars just making space for me to cruz on thru
    4 trucks 2 x 2 all parted in unison and just let me blast up throu
    quick beep and a wave and i was gone
    elephant stamps to all there gold stars and lollie pops
  8. A few drivers on the Calder/Tulla need some of these as well. Moved over to lett me through. (yup i actaully lane spit today :grin: Got tired of watching other bikes whiz past...... so followed one as he passed me....)

    One red Porche Cayenne driver however needs re-edumacating as to the purpose of theose shiny reflective thing on the doors :evil: Could say worse but can't be stuffed........