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Music while riding ... what's in your MP3 player?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Manny, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. sometimes

  2. wouldnt have it any other way

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  3. hell no .... its dangerous

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  1. DOooooo any of you guys/gals listen to music while riding? i think some of the big ass tourer things have stereo systems, but i'm talking headphones and such....
    any takers?

  2. Had a fiddle trying to put some speakers inside my helmet... failed miserably. But that's because I'm hopeless with my hands - if I had some pre-fab ones I'd do alright.

    As for using headphones, nup. Too uncomfy. Would like to have some music while riding tho, sometimes. For the commute it would be nice... make the highway riding a little more tolerable.
  3. Be lost without my tunes . Have an i-pod under the seat hooked up to my autocom . Perfect stereo sound.
  4. autocom looks pretty damn expensive!
    how do u change songs tho?
    i'd need some big fat buttons someplace..
  5. I've been thinking about a pair of those new Oakley Thumps with built in mp3 player. Also have flip up eye peices which would be handy riding between dusk and into dark without stopping to take off the sunnies.

    duno if I could cram them under the helmet though! :LOL:
  6. Dude do you know how much those oakley thumps are!!! The 256mb version is like $680!!!! You can get an autocom for about $500 on sale.
  7. yeah I know...

    I'll have to make do with my own top 40 renditions under the helmet.
  8. Waiting for my delivery from eBay of a 1Gb MP3 player, and will be plugging it into the recently acquired Oxford BikeMike communicator system. Looking forward to seeing how it all goes :)
  9. my mp3 player off of ebay and some standard headphones does the job for me :)
  10. Headphones wise the best for riding would probably be the Etymotic ER-6 and ER-6i. They offer excellent noise isolation (15-35dB on the ER-6 and 30-35dB on the ER-6i depending on how well they fit your ears) and sound very good for canalphones but are pretty pricy @ ~$200.

    Also, killing 35dB of external noise in the city might not be the best idea what with sirens and all.
  11. I too was concerned about the volume required to override wind-noise, so I was hoping to get speakers loud enough that I can use with my regular plugs in. :)
  12. waiting for my friend post the MP3 player i bought from overseas with bluetooth function.
  13. I use my JNC mp3 player with $80 Sony earbuds - works a treat. Blocks out noise AND allows me to sing along to my tunes at the top of my voice in the privacy of my helmet :D
  14. for me I use headphones from QANTAS you get for nothing when you trvl cut the bar off and stick them inside your helmet, they dont touch yr ears, the headset that you have to stick into your ears pains me after awhile but these dont,so you can here traffic most of the time and, i place my dse disc on the tank which is finger tip away(which cost me $35 bucks, "so Im cheap" )
    i used my CD all the way from Melbourne to Townsville wouldnt do a trip without it now
    cheers all steve
  15. Music to Ride Bikes By

    OK, guys and girls, what do we do for music while we're touring? MP3 players? Discman? CD Stacker?

    Or do we sing our own favourite selections as loud as we like in our helmets cos we know we can't scare anyone but ourselves???

    How do you hear a music player over the wind noise???

    Can you incorporate speakers into your helmet without affecting the safety of the helmet?