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Music to work by

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Currently: Fat Boy Slim - You've Come a Long Way Baby
    (Right now - Kalifornia - "Kalifornia, is druggy, druggy, druggy, druggy, druggy, druggy ... etc")

    Later, perhaps Oasis - Standind on the Shoulders of Giants. Or maybe something a little more mellow, such as Diana Krall - The Look of Love.

    Depends whether I am feeling mellow 8) , funky \:D/ , bad :twisted: , or just plain bored :roll: .

  2. At the moment got the Whitlams - Love this city album on.... Prolly a bit of St Germain after that....

  3. Going to throw in my usual workday mix

    Faith No More
    Groove Armada
    White Zombie
    Massive Attack

    Its funny, but the MMM/Gold104 listening front office staff tend to avoid my office as much as possible. The general complaint is that my music is 'too heavy' :roll: Most of that list is actually very light
  4. :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Words fail me

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. Leftfield
    Son Kite
    St Germain

    lol - I'll give anyone a prize if they've heard of half of those artists....
  6. OK, what do I get :D
  7. ^^^ good karma when the time comes :D
  8. What do I get if I have heard of all of them.
  9. To have a boogie with me on the dancefloor at Earthcore in November. :p
  10. Sounds like "youth" music to me (top tracks to skateboard by). :eek:

    What's happening to me? One day I'm thrashing away to Motorhead & the next I'm cutting my hair, enjoying - I'll repeat that - ENJOYING looking at flowers in the garden centre & getting off on Diana flipping Krall for God's sake. :shock:
    Somebody, please put an end to my miserable, pathetic existence. I just don't deserve to be here.

    (wait until the end of the album first, though :wink: )
  11. That is an invitation I would love to take up, if I was not already committed for the month of Nov
  12. well well well, aren't we the bunch of proggy psy fans :) Hoorah for doofs! *cleans dirt out from under nails*
  13. trance :)

    its the only music that doesnt distract me from work
  14. I'm listening to ABC FM: classical music :) .
  15. Showing my age, Mozart Clarinet Concerto, (last year voted the most popular piece of classical music of all time by a poll of ABC-FM listeners)
    If, however, I didn't have to be on the phone to clients all the time, it would be Jimmy Buffet (any or all of the first 7 albums) Joan Baez (any of from any era) or Ry Cooder (esp the albums with Flaco Jimenez, love that button accordian)
  16. Nice hornet . I listen to mainly classical , to the annoyance of others.
  17. On G's post, my problem with ABC-FM is that what they call classical music is not what I call classical music. Classical music stopped when the demented Germans and French got besotted with atonal crap, and the ABC is on a religious crusade to educate us that Schoenberg and Sculthorpe and their cloth-eared ilk are composers, when their products sound like de-composing!
    Sorry, but if it has eight tones and a melody, I'll listen to it, but for the modern junk, well, I'm afraid I'm the little boy at the end of the street shouting "The Emporer has no clothes on!!!"
  18. Pretty tame, my stuff...

    lenny kravitz
    plenty of MoS
    the pretenders
    the beatles (white and abbey rd)
    the police
    massive attack
    peter gabriel

    :D :D :D