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Music Studio

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 69SIM, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. So, being a wanna be muso I've set up a bit of a "studio" consisting of a thin body acoustic (with build in pickup), Zoom G3 effects pedal (which has USB to be able to connect the guitar to the computer), dodgy 49 key midi keyboard all connected to my desktop running Reason (Version 8, soon to be 9).

    Also have in the garage a John Petrucci OLP copy electric guitar, Korg Triton LE workstation, various Boss effects pedals and a nice Marshal amp (MG15 IIRC, haven't used it in yonks).

    So, post up your instruments or studios :)

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  2. usually run elixir custom lights in phosphor bronze on this synthetic back and sides, pressed ply neck, spruce topped Martin XC1E, and the strings seem to maintain their sound okay during their longer life if you can be bothered to wash your hands... The description makes it appear cheap, but it's a wild card, just incredible to play, feels amazing and the sound is untouchable. Very simple control unit hidden in the sound hole with a volume slider and a blend slider so you can hook up to 100% piezo bridge pickup or 100% mic pickup (you can see the little mic in the sound hole, moving it around allows for different sounds as well) or use the slider to find a nice blend of the two. This thing absolutely sings through an amp but unplugged is where it's at. I'll never get rid of this, it makes me so happy

    And next to that is an American made Guild florentine F40. Beautiful exploded body for great bass and mid, I'm not so into the sunburst but it's growing on me, and this is one of the last of the runs in the Tacoma, Washington factory before they closed it down for Asian production. Richie havens opened Woodstock with a guild, and ever since I heard him play peace train I wanted to own one. Still haven't learned peace train but this thing is just a delight to play... Incredible electrics in this one too, but I didn't buy it to plug in. image.

    There's a mini maton in the arsenal too, I think it's currently stowed away in the van for travelling riverside blues and (re annoying other travellers while I cook dinner at a rest stop) but given the choice I'd save my pennies and get a Taylor or Martin small body. The maton just feels cheap, although I haven't played the diesel special, but I couldn't justify $1800 for what's essentially half a guitar so I went with the base model. At least when they're cheaper you don't really mind if they cop a flogging. Don't even LOOK at my Martin though, I will seriously cut your hand off if you touch it.

    Another hot tip, instead of the $24 guitar hooks from music stores go to Bunnings and pay less than $10 for the ones pictured above in the gardening section.
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  3. We've got a band room too, couple of kits, amps for days, electrics strewn across the floor, and one of my housemates is an audio engineer so soundproofed a corner and has a few condenser mics set up in the recording area. It currently looks like a bomb hit it, and I'm helping that situation by hand sawing timber on the pool table and scattering the dust everywhere. I'll throw a photo up after the clean up, which will have to happen soon as I think we're having a few bands play in June :-S
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  4. Barters81Barters81 has a solid guitar collection. I'll let him fill in the details as I'd most likely get it wrong.

    I've only got a piano that gets a tinkle every now and then.
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  5. Those are some sweet guitars there Steve VtecSteve Vtec, I'd love to be able to play at a level that would justify buying some beautiful guitars. I'm happy with my $150 eBay jobby but that Martin looks beautiful! And I bet it plays and sounds wonderful.

    My brother inlaw (aka SibiSibi's brother) hand makes classic guitars in the Hauser style and they are beautiful to play, I always like it when he asks me to play a newly made guitar so he can sit back and listen, mostly I strum a few chords, play a bit of picking and then finish it off with a poor imitation of part of Eruption ;)
  6. 2016-06-06-14-51-04--481680473. 2016-06-06-14-51-04--481680473.
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  7. It's been a while since I've had a proper jam room, I miss it dearly. Did a sound engineering course at SAE which was great, but did it primarily as a way to record my own band in their studios. In terms of gear?

    Mine are all packed away at the moment as I'm selling my house.......but here goes a brief description.


    - Les Paul Standard Goldtop
    - American Stratocaster Standard
    - Mexican Stratocaster Standard
    - Dean ML79
    - Ibanez RG470 modded to the 9's
    - Martin acoustic (Clapton special)
    - 2 x various model spanish guitars
    - Ibanez bass guitar
    - no name acoustic bass guitar
    - Ashton 12-string

    I'm pretty sure there are a couple of other random cheaper guitars I've left at mate's places over the year. Not to worry as the two bass guitars I've claimed through continued ownership from other mates....so it all evens out over time. :)

    I've got a pretty sweet pedal board that I'll swap out pedals depending on the style of jam/gig. Too many to list.

    I unfortunately don't have an amp at the present as I've not been gigging for a while and my home is no longer conducive to 100W stacks. But I used to have a ENGL powerball, and a Orange TH30 for practice.

    I record via 2 x Profire 2626s into Protools 10.

    I'd start listing out my microphones but there are waaaay too many to count. I've got Neumanns to Royers to crappy Ashton mics. They all serve a purpose.

    One of the best things I got that improved my recordings the most was a hand made custom preamp which cost me a fortune. I can change the impedance etc for various types of mics to get the best sound possible. It also has analog gauges on the front too which are often overlooked in this digital recording day and age.

    This is a very old photo......of half of it.




    On another note....if you ever go to LA make sure you go here.....the Fender factory.


    Its like Willy wonkers.

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  8. [​IMG]


    They have a room that has literally every type of guitar and amp ever made by Fender where you can jam away to your hearts content at the end of the tour. Awesome. Combine that with a locally provided medical marijuana card?....farken awesome.

    You also get to meet the old lady who personally hand winds all of the Star's pickups manually. Her apprentice was there...she was like 70! lol
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  9. Wow, some really nice guitars there Barters81Barters81! I hear good things about the Orange series of amps too. I'll often watch Rob Chapman and these guys Andertons Music Co and their gear reviews and they always seem to give a big thumbs up to Orange gear.

    The guitar and baby is extremely cool :D

    Edit: If you own the Clapton and Vaughan guitars then you're way out of my league!
  10. Thanks mate.. I tend to not sell guitars, but am happy to keep moving effects and amps through the door for inspiration.

    The TH30 funnily enough has a really cool clean sound......great little amps.
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  11. I wouldn't have even been close......
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  12. Don't you just hate talented siblings! ;)
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  13. 1929830_14013506673_4212_n.


    Ok....that's enough of re-living the glory days.....lol
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  14. He goes alright :p
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  15. No no....they were on display at the Fender factory. I needed some fapping material for when I returned to Australia. :p
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  16. I had a mandolin for a while, but dropped it while I was moving house and the thing bloody exploded. Devastated haha. Ive got rather large hands so was interesting playing such a small instrument with those tiny frets but stuff like zep's battle of evermore sounded so great on it
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  17. Was actually thinking of setting up a Pro Logic system to mimic a mate of mine. Logic is fantastic for quickly putting ideas down with a backing drum track etc. Unfortunately I went away from Macs when my MBP expired a few years back, so if I wanted to get Logic now I'd have to get an entirely new computer.

    Highly recommend Logic for song writing.
  18. A mate of mine brought back a Sitar from India for me a while ago....if we could ever figure out how to tune the friggin thing. :)
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  19. Can't match any of that, but I have a lovely old 1979 Yamaha acoustic, which makes my lousy playing sound good; the wood has aged very nicely....
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  20. #20 69SIM, Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    Back when I bought my first mac I played with GarageBand, Logic's little brother, but man it was fun. I was considering upgrading to Logic at one stage but I got referred to Reason by a friend when they were having a half price sale thing and I knew I couldn't afford Logic so went with Reason. Getting a free upgrade from 8 to 9 soon which is nice. I was playing with GB on the weekend converting some stuff I did across to Reason, both DAW's are similar and pretty easy to use though I hear Logic is more favourable.

    Edit: Plus I bought a new gaming rig at Christmas time with a stupidly big screen so it's better suited to run a DAW on it (along with Adobe stuff) than my little MPB and Logic is Apple only :(