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Music: Solid State or Hard Drive based?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by booga, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Howdy once again,

    I'm going to buy an MP3 player, mainly for whilst on the bike, and was wondering if people had had any problems with the Hard Drive style players because of vibrations or anything, or just best to get solid state anyway???

    Cos i get get a 20Gb HDD model for similar prices to a 5Gb Solid State model. And it seems the 20Gb model has a few extra features tho. :?

    NOTE: this isn't a discussion if one should be listening to music whilst riding, if you want to discuss this go start YET another thread about that :p

  2. Get a nano and forget about the rest.
  3. Just get a solid state MP3 player, or use a mobile phone if you got one of those good MP3 player phone with a large memory card.

    If you go with the mobile, you can use with a bluetooth-enabled helmet or stereo bluetooth handfree to do without stupid wires.

    Ipod is very popular, but it is not the best in sound quality. Just my humble opinion.
  4. I'll second the nano... I used to have a hard drive player, and I know of others with them, and they tend to be fragile.

    I now have an ipod mini (4G) The storage capacity is not really an issue... with iTunes, it's really easy to put the music you want on the player. Plus I find myself using the skip button a lot.

    Don't bother with any non-apple stuff... iTunes + iPod is teh sex.

    I used to have a creative nomad... the software is utter shite. The player went for warranty twice before I got the mini.
  5. iRiver... uses drag/drop to put songs on...

    just like u'd drag files onto a USB stick...

    i'd get one... but when would i listen to it?
    i'm either at school or at home listening to music :p
  6. i'll always go solid because i use it for more active stuff than the motorbike, and stuffed if i'll risk busting a couple of hundred bucks worth of player either. cheap anf cheerful ebay mp3 player for me, easy to use, needs no software and you dont cry about it if you use it for impact protection :LOL:
  7. Quoted for truth!

    I've got a 40gig iPod.
    And while it rocks, and has pretty much all my CD's I own on it... (good for long vacations or whatever)... my next pay I think i'm going to get a Nano, or if i'm feeling povo then a 1gig Shuffle...

    Harddrive size is good. But SO not needed. Personally I make playlists all the time at work or at home, listen, then change...

    Nano + Shuffles you can get the lanyard thing and hang around your neck.
    I'm keen for that! easy access to the skip button! :)
  8. Forget the Ipod unless you want to follow the crowd and waste money,
    there are a lot of better, cheaper ones out there that don't rely on propriatry software to run.

    Ipods and Itunes are not compatible with windows .WMA format (no big deal), and by the same token if you have songs in the itunes format .ACC you can not play them any where else.

    There have also been several class actions in the USA against Apple Ipods due to faults. The nano's in particular are well known as having faulty screens. http://www.ipodobserver.com/story/23361

    But I do agree with getting solid state, the less moving parts the less likely it is to fail. I have a 1GB Bluebyte that stores about 220 - 260 songs, more than enough for a weekend away.
  9. marvin, my itunes converts the wma files before it puts them on the ipod so that's not a problem.

    I have a 4 gig, it just did my trip to melb on the bike with me, and i think it's great :D

    itunes itself can be a pain, there's a program called anapod explorer that makes it easier to use.
  10. Solid state for two reasons:
    a) Hard drives that small have a low MTBF ( compared to desktop ones ). Flash memery is excellent technology and has a longer life ( from me experience ).
    b) Vibrations may not kill a hard drive, however a big know might - pot hole or similar.
  11. Agree to that, I wouldn't buy one at all, too much for what they are.

    I will be getting mine from ebay, its an Olympus M:Robe MR-100

    True, Pitty tho cos the HDD one had quite a few more features, like LCD remote, which i could velcro to the headstem :LOL:
  12. my hard drive player couldn't cope with walking with it in my pocket, it would skip and just pause itself every five minutes. bought a 512meg flash player, no problems. and it's got an eq, so the sound quality's better.
  13. 40G Ipod for me, heaps of storage too.

    As well as all my tunes I also carry around software, OS images, SQL database etc. :grin:
  14. Apple is Da Trap.
    There is not a lot to rcomend going apple unless you specificly want to get into the propriatry trap.
    I would always rcomend that if you are going SS that you get something that you can remove media on (SD Card or the like) I use my PDA for most of my music on the go, so don't have a MP3 player per se, but for my wife I got one of these

    Drag and drop copying, easy to use and has a radio as well as MP3 player.
  15. In my experience with MP3 players I've found one thing...
    battery life is more important than storage capacity.
    get yourself a mp3 player with Goooood battery life 1st, storage capacity 2nd.
  16. Well how long is long? The olympus is about 12hours continous on mp3's, is that long? cos i know i wont be going without a charger if i travel for more than a few hours anyway...
  17. I got a solid state player from http://www.neodigits.com a few years back. It has a radio and takes SD cards so easy to transfer file from my PC, been very happy with it.

    1AAA battery lasts about 12 hours. I think Ipods can be a bit of a pain if you don't have access to the charge, going on holiday etc.
  18. Plus you have to send them away to change the battery when it packs in...

    Has Apple fixed that yet?
  19. Click and drag copying is a an annoyance. iTunes synchronises playlists as you make changes. Plus, you can rate songs on the go, and that will carry over to you computer. Likewise, you can set EQ settings for each song on the pc, and it will carry over to the iPod.

    With regards to WMA and AACs, iTunes can convert then to MP3/AAC, so ni biggie. AAC's are playable on windows... winamp handles them fine. (What? You use Media Player? What are you? Some kinda putz? :D)

    Plus an ipod can carry a (read only) snap shot of your address book, calendar and text notes if you want it to.
  20. Get an iRiver, there is a doom hack for one of the models! LOL

    Seriously though,
    Good to see you're not even considering putting on your sheep costume.

    As well as battery life, I would recommend looking at how easy the unit is to control.
    eg. Can you tuck it in a pocket and use a remote, or operate it with gloves on.

    Personally, I went with a Hi-MD. I like it because it holds heaps and I can swap discs in an out, DJ mixes do not have a slight pause between tracks, and I already had 50 discs of albulms that I "lost" and my previous player died.
    Battery life on it is awsome and there is a clearence special on the net (in NSW) which makes them excellent value. If you're interested, PM me.

    the Sony software is not as stable or efficient to run as iTunes, but I like the features better.
    Plus ATRAC is a better codec than MP3 (but propriatory)