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Music+riding= natural high

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wolverine, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. hi i havent met many riders yet.
    but i was curious to know whether other riders out there listen to music while they ride? or am i a bit of a wierdo?

    i just got an ipod and i love riding and listening to music.
    what gets me off is heavy metal tracks.
    i've just started to get into heavy metal music. It pumps you up.

    But anyways while we are on the subject. what are your favorite tunes /or genre of music?
    and do you colaberate riding and music?

    note:heavy metal track+riding= could get you killed one day
  2. To start with it's illegal AFAIK
    You've gotta be 100x more alert on a bike and if you're there headbanging to the awesome solo I doubt your focus would be on the road.
    However I'm about to buy another bike and would like to listen to music (at low volume) and ride but I don't think it's a good idea.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's not illegal. There's already a thread on this, to view it click here.

  4. its illegal? meh, why am i not surprised.

    well in my expirience i think it can even hieghten your sense of sight.
    sight is probably 90% of safe riding over sound.
    (but yeah i just pulled that statistic out of my arse)

    playing it at a low volumn adds to safety too.

    but it really is alot more enjoyable.
    and aslong as you know whats around you then your as safe as you can possibly be.
  5. if cars can pump music why cant bikes?
  6. heh... heavey metal = could get you killed one day.....

    so tru...
  7. Don't ever assume our laws are anything close to fair, next you'll be telling me our laws are written by honourable people with our best interest at heart.

    It's not a good idea totaly drowning out all surrounding noise. An "out of place" noise on a bike if picked up early can save a fortune in repair bills.

    Is that truck up my ass beeping his horn at me or does he just want me to check his tyre pressure.
  8. I generally groove to the vibration of a V-twin, bass of Termi and tinkle of clutch rattle. :cool:

    Have you seen the doco. "Soundtrack to War" screened on the ABC. Fascinating...

    These things don't change.
  9. For long trips or touring music is great and keeps you sane, but for around town I wouldn't recommend it. you need all your wits to stop the cage drivers from mowing ya down :driver:
    plus if you don't install speakers in your helmet (again illegal) it's a pain getting your ear buds in when putting your helmet on
  10. I'd rather be listening to my bike, other road sounds and not be distracted. My bike makes all the music I need :) I'll drive my car and have music on but not while riding. To me it's similar to people who go camping with a hair dryer in their backpack.
  11. +1

    My dad rode with earplugs in once, and found himself speeding (more than usual) because the noise level wasn't what he was used to.

    I stay away from that (and iPods. YUCK!) for that same reason.
  12. Try www.earmold.com.au I'm a very satisfied customer

  13. Wow...

    I am so getting a pair... I tend to only use one though, mad guitar riffs.... to the rythm of the bike... oh yeah :D
  14. All depends, around town i WANT to hear whats going on cause all the fukers are trying to kill me.
    if i'm going for a blast i Luuuurve the sound of my pipes.
    on the odd ocasion i comute i wear ear plugs.
    Recently i've discovers MP3 'tunes' for touring it's ACE, just loud enough so i can tune in and tune out, not quite background music but not pumping either.
  15. What he said