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Music Oz awards

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    The Irresponsibles are now entered in the Music Oz awards. We're being judged on our songwriting & performance, and are in the running to win a whole crapload of stuff from recording to media showcases to management to film clips.

    But you guys can help in the 'people's choice' award.
    It's different to unearthed, in that it's an SMS vote from your mobile
    however those voting are in the running to win a guitar! A MATON guitar! an AWESOME guitar! I'm spewing I can't win it myself!

    our page is here:

    and our ID is thei2

    Vote to Win!
    To vote for this artist, SMS the code thei2 and then a brief reason why you think they should win (in 10 words or less) e.g.: "thei2 they’re really cool" to 19708000 to register your vote.

    The most creative answer will win a Maton Electric Guitar valued at $1,500. The artist with the most votes will win the People’s Choice National Musicoz Award for 2007. Voting is reflected in the Musicoz Top 10 Charts.

    All of the above recordings and songs are copyrighted by the artists and the songwriters, unauthorised broadcasting or copying is prohibited

    Suggestions for voting entries are:
    "Best. Live. Band. Ever."
    "Awesome vocals, tight beats, cool licks & hat bass"
    "They will explode your brain"
    "Tash made me do this"

    so start e-mailing everyone & getting them to SMS vote now!

    we're of course automatically entered in the main competition, which has no voting.