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Music On or just Earplugs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ice_Prophecy, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Pump up the Beats! Music it Up! (Earphones)

  2. Are you Crazy? You need to keep your head/eyes/ears on the road! (no Music/just earplugs)

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  1. Hi all! just making a poll to make a decision! :)

  2. None of the above! No plugs. :LOL:
  3. hahaha, I had a nagging feeling that I shoulda added that too...
    But the 2nd option is close enough to that lol

    No Music/Earplugs

  4. I i pod everywhere.

    The volume is not so loud that I cannot hear the storm inside my helmet and the cars around me.

    When a situation arises, it is amazing how you cannot even hear the music until the danger is over.

    I have no trouble concerntrating on the manic Sydney traffic at all.

    Now the wowsers will say how dangerous this is blah bla blah.

    But the same people will wear blockout ear plugs so they don't suffer ringing in the ears and permanent damage.........go figure.

    To keep aware, your eyes and brain and your mirrors are the most important parts.

    I have recently put small mirrors on, and my head checking has increased ten fold and I am a safer rider for that.

    But BACKGROUND music is awesome!!!!
  5. +1. Only problem is its impossible for me to mute sound when I want to (mainly when in a group and trying to talk to someone when stopped), need to get one of the new ipod minis, looks like it works well for you Jeff.
  6. Whaaat???????????????
  7. The shuffle rather. Little thingy that clips to sleeve :p
  8. speak up, can't hear!!!!
  9. Earplugs with speakers to MP3 when on roads I'm not that impressed riding.

    But on a fun piece of road or someting I'm not used to - it's no plugs and enjoy the sound of the exhaust :cool:
  10. I just wear earmoulds. I have tried 'phones but I like my quiet time. Motorbikes are the only way I can get time to me and get some headspace. Besides some music makes me ride like a fookin idiot.
  11. luv my tunes on !
  12. Wow i was expecting the result to go the other way.

    I myself only started riding so i keep my music off so I can concentrate. And besides at the moment I use the sound of the bike for gearing and stuff.... But when I get better I wouldn't mind investing in a little music player :).
  13. I have only just started riding in to work in the morning with the tunes on the ipod
    I dont usually at night, dont know why..just dont YET
    but the biggest issue I have is I only have tiny ears and trying to keep the plugs in my ears when putting the helmet on

  14. I always wear hearing protection of some kind - 30dB foam earplugs, or Etymotic ER-6i isolator earphones (also good for >30dB of hearing protection).

    Mirrors and headchecking are the only way to be spacially aware.

    I almost always ride with music on, but it's easy enough to turn it off for when I have to really concentrate on riding.
  15. Neither.
    The vtr doesn't have a tacho so i need to hear the engine so i know when to change gears :)
  16. As every other thread that asks the exact same things.. I use ear plugs sometimes and music other times (low volume, only hear it basically when low revving and stopped) with ear plugs in my sandisk MP3 player. Beats the pants off ipod nano's and ipods in general :)


    Purchased it from http://www.minidisc.com.au/sandisk-sansa-e280-mp3-player-8gb-p-1065.html

    And use creative ep-630 earplugs. Basically supposed (and I'll say yes) to be pretty much the best quality vs $$ spent :) GREAT earplugs at a good price! :grin:
  17. Get an aftermarket pipe (like staintune) so you can hear the engine over earplugs (which muffle the wind noise etc) as opposed to the crappy stock sounding exhaust they have.. Makes baby jesus cry!
  18. +1 ER-6i are great, not cheap though.
  19. earplugs only!

    interesting to see alot of people listening to music while on two wheels..
  20. No music for me.
    1. I need to hear for me to be able to concentrate
    2. Peace of mind being able to hear other vehicles in my blind spots
    3. Stops me getting a start when someone roars past

    But I do enjoy blasting music when i'm in the cage.