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MUSE concert - who wants to go?!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. I just heard on the tele that Muse are coming to Melbourne. :grin: They said something about tix going on sale Aug 16.

    Anyone want to come see them with me?

    Thursday 15 Nov - Rod Laver Arena....should be a good show!
  2. I don’t mind Muse, im just letting you know im thinking about going but have not made up my mind yet... I do really like “Map of the Problematiqué†from there Black Holes and Revelations album :cool:
  3. If you're thinking about going, check the footage from their Wembley gigs. A-mazing.
  4. Saw 'em at the Big Day Out.

    Good show. If you have the means, people...
  5. I just heard them do a cover of 'House of the Rising Sun', never heard them play that before and it was gold!
  6. Sounds good GS5hundy - I'll have to do a search for it. :)

    I've heard these guys put on a great show..Phanny, don't fiff and faff about it! Just say yes! :p
  7. I am going. I have floor tix for sydney.

    I have also seen them twice this year already. sydney and Melbourne BDO's...

    top band, and I like them alot, as you can tell from my avatar
  8. Went to their gig a few years back at hordern pavillion... awesome. I'm keen to go to this tour that's for sure. Will likely be harder to get tickets then last time around, as they're a hell of a lot more popular now.
  9. Never heard of them...yes i know i'm strange and wierd.

    google wherefore art thou..... :grin:
  10. Through a catastrophic miscalculation on my part, I bought pre-release tickets and then found I am going to be on my bike in the Alps. As they were pre-release tickets, they are good. How good? Well, I haven't been to RL Arena in a while, but they are lower section, row p. From the hall diagram, I'd be getting their sweat if they flicked their heads....

    What are the legalities of selling these for their cover price? I don't want to make money out of them.

    [Edit] I should add that they are 15th Nov and are for 2 seats, next to each other.
  11. I reckon you could sell them easily.

    either ebay (buy them now) or Muse.mu and join the forums.
  12. I just realised. you must be on the muse forums anyway to get pre-sale.
  13. Drew. I shall enlighten you this Sat night ;) :cool:

    mrx78u - are you in Sydney?

    I'm looking at buying tix for my oldest daughter and myself for this. (Surprise b'day pressie for her :cool: ). Preferably General Admission.

    Phanoongy - you coming? Go on! You'll have a blast! They're heaps heaps better than The Cure!! :p :wink: :LOL:
  14. Definately want to go..Mrs Drew too (i've been enlightened :cool: thanks Rosie)

    Finances will be the deciding factor though.