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Murphy's laws of Motorcycling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by folma, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Shamelessly stolen from elsewhere....

    1. A motorcycle cannot fall over without an audience.

    2. The odds of a motorcycle falling over are directly proportional to the size of the audience and of the owner's ego. (Newness and expense of the bike are contributing factors.)

    3. Motorcycles are to yellow bugs as aircraft carriers once were to Kamikaze pilots. (And don't we, who rode to the redback rally know that, lovely locust plague they have north of the border, smell good to as they cook on the exhaust) :(

    4. You will not feel the need to go to the restroom until after you have put on your rainsuit.

    5. The fact that your keys are still in your pants pocket (or that you haven't fastened your helmet strap) will only become apparent after you have put on your gloves.

    6. Quick fixes are so named for how long they stay fixed.

    7. The only part you really need will also be the only part on permanent backorder.

    8. Nothing is harder to start than a used motorcycle being shown to a prospective buyer.

    9. You will never suffer a punctured tire on the road until you leave the repair kit at home.

    10. "Universal" accessories are so named because that is what you must search to find the bike they fit
  2. :LOL: :LOL: bwaahaaa #10 bwaahaaa
  3. oh #5, how true. 8)
  4. Aren't rainsuits supposed to be waterproof :?
  5. #7 hahahahahaha
  6. number 5 and 8 are hilerious... so true!
  7. #6 applys to everything :)
  8. #5 on a regular basis. What a pain where the sun don't shine.

    #1 for me in Elizabeth St. :facepalm: :oops:
  9. Yes, #5. How true.
  10. Thank god!!!! I keep thinking that #5 only happens to me...
  11. #5 - without fail if someone is waiting for me :D