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Murphy's Law

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jayce87, May 1, 2016.

  1. So I don't know if you all know the actual meaning of Murphy's law, relating to G forces.

    But today was one of those days, I had my licence test booked in in Sale this morning (about an hours ride East). I was woken just after 4:00AM to a horrid storm, Hail, lightning and inches of rain. So after not a great deal of sleep I got up at 7:00AM and rode east for around an hour sun blaring on the wet roads blinding me the whole way. Lucky me when I got there, the clouds came over and wasn't so bright. Once I completed the paperwork it started blowing Gail and raining again, so completed my preliminary test in the rain.

    This was my first experience with a wet top and skidded during the emergency break on the practice (a No No) was ok the second time. On the road wasn't too bad, the guy at the testing gave me the wrong directions and we had a laugh when we ended up at the wrong place. After this I was feeling more confident and in all my glory I think I failed to indicate. On the way back to the TAFE It was a shocking head wind and the guy mentioned on arrival he couldnt keep up with me (I was literally shitting myself at this point).

    The instructor didn't mention my failure to indicate (If I Did). So I passed and am now thinking maybe Murphy was just a scientist who put all his G Force sensors in the wrong way and sometimes not everything that can go wrong will.

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  2. Congrats on passing.. yeah wasn't the best morning for a ride down this way (I'm near Lakes Entrance). Did you do your license with GMT (Ian)?
  3. Yeah Ian but at Sale he was great, bit of a character, had a a good laugh which calmed the nerves.
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  4. Congrats on passing.

    I showed up to my license test on a wet, windy day on an RGV250. The instructor took one look, and said "you should be fine". Riding in all conditions is the greatest experience you can get to build skill level and confidence.
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  5. Yeah to date it's only been for fun, no commute for the 2 km to work. Eventually it will happen, just wasn't sure it needed to be today.
  6. Congratulations! It's one thing to pass in optimal weather (which is what I had here in NSW) and quite another in wind and rain, keeping it all together to get across the pass line.
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  7. Thanks for all your well wishes everyone, now I've ditched the L plate just waiting for the new card. Was anyone else worried when they hole punched both of your current licenses?
  8. Well done dude.
    Baptism by fire. Keep it up.
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  9. Congrats!
  10. BitSarBitSar stole my line! Congrats Jayce87Jayce87, what a champion! I had a wet start to both my Learners and Licence test, practiced in the wet, but on both occasions it managed to stop and dry up for the crunch time.

    Nope. But hold on to your piece of paper with the test results for your dear life. Until your plastic arrives, that's your licence.
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  11. My instructor tooted me on mine this arvo just before we pulled over at the first stop, I shat myself I thought I failed....He was trying to cancel his indicator :confused:
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  12. Yeah mine gave me the wrong directions and pulled up next to me and was yelling at me to pull over I was sweating!
  13. yep its on the road finally :)
  14. congrats on passing
  15. Awesome job! What a day to do your test, but there you go! Congratulations. :happy:
  16. Who is Gail?
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  17. Reminds me of mine in Darwin many years ago. Twenty bikes turned up one wet and windy morning. The riding inspector gave us a map and told us to go around the course indicated and observers would be at key points to watch us and provide feedback. He then instructed us to exit the DMR yard via the rear exit and proceed via the course indicated.
    We dis as we had been told, and rode around the 10km course being extremely careful not knowing where these secret observers were lurking.
    Upon arriving back at the DMR yard we were again greeted by the inspector who advised us we had all failed as the rear exit to the yard was clearly marked "DMR Vehicles Only" and we should have ignored his instruction.
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  18. Obviously a fellow you don't want to meet.
  19. Trick question....That"s poor.
  20. Good story Jayce. Congrats on getting your license. It's a great feeling.