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Murphy you bastard!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PhilC, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. So yesterday I was thinking about what's living under my seat, and the fact that I was running out of room and didn't have a puncture repair kit.

    Today I have a puncture repair kit wedged under the seat with everything else. Any guesses why :(

    Yup, last night jump on the bike after dinner in the city and .... that feels a little strange, oh dear

    Big ups to Allen the bike transport guy and to Mike the other rider that stopped, gave me the number of the bike pickup people and hung around to chat whilst I waited.

    Temp plug in now, off to see the tyre folks tomorrow I guess. No early morning ride for me today :(
  2. i thought most tyres could run flat? i know thats certainly the case with my mates tyres on his zx-6r

  3. Surely you jest :roll:
  4. I carry a cargol kit under the seat, It dont take up much room. At $60, its pretty cheap insurance and has the potential to save a heap of agro.

    last I heard bike tyres dont run flat at all

  5. He got a puncture in the royal NP and from what i gathered, continued to nearest exit without incident. only problem was bike wouldnt lean.
  6. you can ride on a tyre for a small distance while its flat, its not ideal but i have done it to get out of a dangerous situation to get to a servo. But that was only a rear tyre it wouldnt be too fun with a flat front tyre i would imagine.

    Because the carcass of the tyre deforms so much when its flat the tyre can heat up very quickly
  7. Great way to stuff up your rims.
  8. Tubeless tyres do not go flat for starters they slowly lose air.
    You stated the tyre runs flat and you can ride on it which is well nigh on impossible to do when FLAT.
  9. it is not advisable to lean the bike too much when the tyre is flat because yes it is unstable and it can scratch your rim. But i dont see a problem with riding at very slow speeds on a flat tyre in a relatively straight line the bead on motorcycle tyres is quite strong and will stay unless you do something stupid. You ever tried to change your own tyre? the bead can be a pita to break
  10. maybe i used the wrong term
  11. have stupidly rode on flat tyres for about 25kms years ago. 1am, up near yay, get a flat. call racv. wait. nothing, bugger this, i'll just go slowly. was expecting to completely stuff rear rim but when i took it to Mick Hones the next day it was all fine. :)
    but would not recomend it unless you have no choice, like being vegan i guess. :)
  12. What's Allen's company name?Might just come in handy!!!!!
  13. Yes, you can ride on a flat tyre. Afterwards the tyre will be rooted.
  14. can someone explain to a noob what murphy means?
  15. Numbers to program into your phone -

    Alan - 0429 800 900 *

    Ezymove - 1300 722 477

    * I'm unsure of Alan's company name but his phone number is already listed on the web to do with motorcycle hire so I feel ok putting it down here.
  16. Bumble bee

    You can ride a long way on a flat front, if you are too stupid to know that you can't.
    I know a guy who was in Melton on his way back to Thornbury and noticed it didn't want to go around a corner. He discovered absolutely no valve stem in his front rim! So he pulls in to a servo, and asks where he can get his tyre fixed. Rings bike shop in Melton, they could fix it, but they don't do pick ups, he'd have to get it there himself. So what does he do?...

    He rides his bike all the way from Melton to Thornbury, along the highway and freeway, with a complete flat front tyre, for the best part of 60km!

    I asked him why the .... didn't he ride his bike the 3 km to the Melton bike shop to get it fixed, before he rode on it flat to Thornbury? His reply, after dead silence for a minute, was "I didn't think of that."

    Yes, people that dumb do ride bikes.
  17. alternatively if u have RACV TOTAL Care...it works for any type of vehicle...
  18. learn somethng knew everyday :) thanks