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Munecito goes green

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Yes fellows. After taking the dominator to a mechanic and getting his honest opinion about the bike in general I took his advice and went to see new bikes.

    I wanted another dual purpose but was told that for commuting is better to have two cilinders instead of a thumper and that water cooled would be a plus due to the engine staying at a more stable temperature in traffic so that would add a few more Kms to the total engine life.

    So I went down to a few dealerships to have a look what they had to offer and how much could I get if I traded the domi in.

    Suzuki has the V-storm but they are not learners legal so I wouldn't be able to ride it on my Ps. Also the price was a bit too high for my current financial situation. They also have the DRs but it is just one cilinder.

    KTM has nice bikes but they are all single cilinders.

    Honda has the transalp and I was told the new model is due in a couple of months, bit pricey too and they didn't want to trade my domi in.

    Yamaha has the XTX660 but again it is a single cilinder.

    Cagiva has the Pegasus wich I liked because of the big tank (20 lts) but they didn't want to trade my bike in and it was a bit pricey.

    Aprilia does a nice 540 supermotard with two cilinders but I didn't really do my homework with this one.

    Ducati, well, umh, yeah. Bit pricey and was told that the hypermotard may be released later in the year.

    So I went to se what the green team had to offer and found the KLE500. Twin paralel cilinder (same engine used in the ER5) with balancers. Water cooled. Seat height a bit shorter than the Domi and a bit more powerful than the claimed figures for the Domi and also with better top speed than the Domi (on paper at least). I sat in the bike, took it for a spin and like it.

    I went back and they said they could trade the Domi in for a bit more that what I was expecting too. So KLE500 I went.

    I'll pick it up on Tuesday (hopefully). So I am really hoping not having to go through all this again anytime soon.

    I know some will say it is more a commuter than a dual purpose but it will be doing 400Kms a week as that. Maybe on the weekends a bit of soft trails, nothing too hardcore.

    If I wanted something more hardcore I would have gone KLR650, but then again it is a single.

    Really looking forward to go and get it. This is going to be the longest weekend for me :cry:

  2. Welcome to team green! :cool:
  3. I've noticed a lot of very intelligent people are starting to buy Kawasakis.
  4. .. and I believe you have as well, Loz :LOL:

    Any plans for a re-paint, mate, or is that colour scheme growing on you???
  5. Yeah Loz and thanks for the compliment, but I think you are a tad dumber with that colour scheme on your bike :p :p :LOL: :wink:

    I guess the repaint comment is for Loz isn't it? :roll:

    BTW talking about colours this thing I bought is blue. The engine is powdercoated black and the part that doesn't really do it for me is the gloden frame, but I'll get use to it. After all if I got used to the Domi stickers and red frame everything is possible. LOL

    This is a pic of how the KLE looks like:


  6. Nah, just the tight fisted one's since they are pricing them (new & 2nd-hand) so close to cost since they can't sell them otherwise :p:LOL:
  7. That sounds about right too. LOL

  8. Nah, it's going to stay. Ugly, fat, lairy but fun and functional, it's just like its owner.
  9. Kawasakis do it for longer :shock: my z is 31 years old and still goes first kick :p and yes kwaka riders are also smarter than your average bear :p
  10. Once you've had Kwak, you never go back!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Congrats - KLE's perfect for what you want to do.
  12. Is it Tuesday yet?

    I can't wait to go and get the new bike. Pity that I have to work the whole week and won't have time to give her a good work out until the weekend.

    Good thing is I'm at work so not much time to think about the bike.

    The only part that makes mu a bit uncomfortable is that I still have to ride the domi a couple of days and now she is a "borrowed" bike so I'm concerned about doing any damage to her before I pick up the KLE.

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  14. Just one more sleep.

    Can't wait 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ =P~

  15. Today is the day.

    I hope it doesn't rain.

  16. Here is my new baby. You can see the Domi in the background in one of the pictures.

    This bike is sooooooooooo nice, rides like a dream. The only thing I don't like are the footpegs. Too long an bulky.

    Here are the pics.


  17. Congrats - they are a fun bike to ride.

    Footpegs: should be simple enough to remove the rubber inserts - this will make them a bit shorter and narrower and not as slippery.
  18. Sweet ride! Go kawa :grin:
  19. i like the monkey bike in the background :cool:

    new bike looks good. i dig the gold frame too.
  20. Will is a bastard!!!

    Here I was drooling over my (second hand) TTR 250 and he comes rolling down my drive on his brand new Kwaka KLR 500 (he hasn't even had to re-fill the tank yet!) and starts bragging about his bike!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

    Realy nice bike ya bastard!! :LOL: :LOL: