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Mundine v Wood fight

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MrGrumpy, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. for those interested Mundine just got KO'd in the 5th against wood. only the second time in his career he has been knocked out. About time someone smashed him he thinks hes the greatest ever but in reailty he is just an average fighter


  2. Hmmm, what I am I missing here?
  3. Not only 2nd knock out but also 1st loss to a compatriot in 20 bouts so if that's an average fighter a good fighter must be very hard to find.
  4. Tough crowd isnt it when an average fighter has several world belts hanging off him. Good on Garth "from the hood" Wood, I cant wait to see more of his future fights. Does anyone know where I could get a copy of that fight?
  5. Possibly because he's never fought anyone that's any good.
  6. I'm suprised by the support for Mundine here. Mundine is just another example of a manager managing a fighter's career so that he gets the most amount of publicity with the softest possible fights.

  7. So Green is just another bum who happened to beat one of the most accomplished boxer? I mean come on, Mundine has fought some great fighters but also some bums. The previously thought of bum (Wood) actually had a good chance and I think that he has alot ot potential in the sport.
  8. Who go on who has Mundine fought that's any good???
  9. Kessler.
    Who also kicked his ar$e.
  10. I stand corrected, or do I rest my case not sure now...
  11. Hehe I think I was trying to agree with you Stigger!
  12. He has had 44 bouts with only 4 losses in boxing and on the way held 2 world titles.
    He reached the pinnacle of NRL and won a premiership with the Brisbane Broncos.

    Not many people are able to get to the summit in 2 totally different sports and be a dominant power. You have to give credit where it is due.

    His last loss to Kessler was 5.5 years ago.
  13. Because he's been careful to avoid anyone any good since...
  14. they should do a rematch so that we can watch mundine getting knocked out again! he's prob gonna retire now and be a trainer

    watch wood call out Danny Green now..
  15. If I'm not mistaken he wanted to fight the current title holders but they all avoided him so maybe boxing these days is about avoidance..
  16. Boxing's always been about avoidance. But If you think Mundine has reached to summit or is a power in boxing then we'll have to agree to disagree...
  17. Pinnacle of nrl, dominant power?
    It was a superleague premiership and Brisbane cakewalked it and smashed cronulla in the grand final. The best teams at the time were Newcastle and manly and they were in the ARL. Brisbane dumped him the following year, ask any broncos fan and they will remember he was overpriced and ...shit. He was an alright five eigth for the dragons though.

    The wba title he got was made vacant because the bloke who knocked him out (Sven ottke) got 'upgraded' to super champion. He defended it once then lost it and failed to regain it. Never really fought anyone of note unless you count Green. Green had to drop weight which didn't really suit him as it showed in his poor fitness as mundine ran him around the ring tiring him and won on points.

    All in all I think mundine was a good athlete, pretty good at league, average at boxing but not the megastar he and his fans believe. His mouth has made him more money than his ability.
  18. Like mr miaggi said --- best way to avoid punch - not be there
  19. I feel sorry for people who brought the PPV, really shows that boxing isn't what it used to be.

    Oh well, every know that Mundine just talks crap most of the time, his had a couple of good fights but most of them were against nobodies and he got his belts that have been vacated.
  20. mundine never reach the pinnacle of rugby league. From memory his nrl (arl, super league whatever you want to call it) career lasted around 7 seasons and he only played 3 representitive matches for NSW and never made it into the aussie side. On many occasions he claimed racism was the reason...never occured to him there were actually better players than him. he was a very good player no doubt, but a long long way from the best.
    As for his boxing career he has had two things on his side. Firstly he fights (mostly) bums with a few notable exceptions and secondly he is very quick. That speed has covered many of his weaknesses but when someone lands a cracking punch on a glass jaw (or temple in this case) its lights out.
    As someone else stated it was a vacant championship that he won, he didnt actually beat the champion who was sven ottke...who also knocked him out in their fight. I may be mistaken but i think with the exception of one middleweight belt he won every other belt he claimed was vacant.