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Mumble-Pants . . . do you know what it means ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, May 26, 2008.

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  1. After work drinks last week, after a few drinks and people starting to talk shit - a chic here in the office used the term - "mumble pants".

    Apart from one person, no one knew what it meant !!
    Now it looks like its an old-skool saying. ;)

    So, do you know its meaning ???
    Just answer the poll and i'll reveal the meaning when this thread reaches page2.

    I'm interested whether its is a age generation saying or maybe even a south of the border thing ! Just like how Victorians use the word "Moz" ! :LOL:
  2. hahahaha
    I see your lips moving, but I don't know what your saying :wink:
    Mumble pants = camel toe
  3. Well there ya go !
    Definitely south of the border bogan talk again !

    I had no idea what it meant !

    But then again its Scrabble Queen talking !
  4. They are the best! :grin:

    **Edit: Well now the answer has been posted, the first time I heard it my mate gave the explaination "You can see the lips moving but cant hear the c*nt talking" Classy.
  5. yep... maybe it is the more that it is a term from many years ago... and not many young tackers know it...
  6. Define "term from many years ago" ???

    My earliest recollection in mainstream media is the video clips from Collette - Ring My Bell and Gina G - Oh Ahh (just a little bit) !! :LOL:
    And thats like late 80s !

    So are you telling me the term mumble-pants is even older than that ??? :eek:
  7. how many years ago are you talking about. I am only 34 and know what it means.
  8. i used it just last week, over the UHF to describe the cladding on a member of the general public.
  9. Too bad it was the Australian Mens Olympic Road Cycling Team zooming pass Joel's worksite at the time !

  10. :worthlesspics:
  11. :rofl:
  12. Hey Micky, I know the term - first heard it soon after moving back to Canberra in 2001...

    Never heard the expression whilst living in Sydney...

    and :LOL: :LOL:
  13. something i learnt as a teenager. prolly about 15 years ago i reckon. was pretty funny at the time. i thought everyone would know after that 'camel toe' song that was around a few years back
  14. Learnt the expression from a friend who grew up in Wagga Wagga, so I always thought it was a country thing!
  15. Jesarse Mickey, that saying has been around since Moses was a boy. As a matter of fact, Uccio alway's yells out to Rossi as he is leaving the pits pulling his leathers out of his ass.; "Siht Vale, u alway's mumble, speak up!". So as u see, it doesn't always apply to women, but, then Mickey, as a GBL & frequenter of the Blue Oyster u would understand. :LOL: :rofl: .

    Tex & Bundy
  16. I hear it, and know what it means, very rarely.
    Was a popular term to talk about our PE teachers clothing, back in high school (2 years ago).
  17. . . . only if your avatar was an animated gif !
  18. Mmbls

    Speak up Micky :wink:
  19. Sheltered life there, Micky?