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Mum of new rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jeyferret, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, I am on here to support my 21 year old son who just bought his first motorbike, a Honda VT 250 Cruiser. I still cross my fingers each time he rides and I hope the nerves lessen over time!

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  2. Good on you, keep up the support.
  3. Can't go wrong with a Honda as a first bike. At least he won't be calling you asking you to pick him up because it broke down!
  4. Welcome to NR. I think you are a first here.

    When are you getting your license? :)
  5. Good on you.. maybe you could point your son in the direction of some of the learner threads (eg. Noob 101-104, and the rest of the threads in the new riders section). There's definitely some valuable information in those pages!

    If you're in Melbourne, maybe you could consider coming down to a Saturday learners session in Elwood too (with your son).. there are plenty of riders there, both new and experienced, and if past experience is anything to go on, there'll be plenty of good advice on offer and some interesting people to talk to.

    All the best to you and your son, and may he have many happy years of riding ahead! My only regret so far is that I didn't start earlier...
  6. Welcome to NR, I also have a 21 year old son and returned to riding as an activity we could do together. However I think I am now getting more enjoyment and fun than him :)
  7. Hello Mum :)
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  8. EDIT: don't want to incite bad behaviour :)

  9. Lookout!! :demon:

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  10. Oh dear his probably already joined a bikie gang and selling meth like the rest of us.

    JK if his got a good head on his shoulders motorcycling can be safer than driving a car.

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  11. My mum told me that it scared the crap out of her when I went out on my bike,
    She said she didnt stop worrying until she heard my bike roll up and stop.

    And she did know how I rode, as I was called the The Deadman back then by all my mates that dropped in,
    And they wern't shy in telling her how I rode,

    But not once did she ever tell me to give it up or stop. She was fully supportive, always,
  12. Oh yeah, that will settle her nerves.
  13. Maybe deadman's story ought to be suffixed with the fact that despite the apparent danger, he's been riding longer than many of us have been alive and still appears to have plenty of riding left in him? :)
  14. Maybe it should of been prefixed with riding is only as dangerous as you make it.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Motor cycling is only as dangerous as your right wrist, Which can be controlled, Very easily,

    My elder sisters boyfriend (now Husband) and all his mates raced A grade Solo Speedway,

    So she was seeing first hand, a lot of drops, cartwheels, Crashes, Etc, And very few injuries on them,

    She was always at Tracys speedway on a Saturday night, to watch the races,

    I learnt to ride from them,

    They also rode every kind of road bike going back then,

    Its good to get a Mum that supports you in what you do, No matter how dangerous that Hobbie or sport is,

    Hang gliding, Snow skiing, Mountain climbing, Parachuting, Every thing has an element of risk,

    Try the statistics for walking down the street, You might be surprised how very dangerous that is,

    47 years I have been riding, I am still in one peice, Missing nothing, And I still love it,

    Good on ya Mum, Support your Kid, He will love you for it,
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  17. So, why dont you get a licence and learn to ride also,

    Your never to old to learn to ride a motor bike, unless your physically unable to,

    Heather has just got her licence and a motor bike, At 62 years of age, never ridden a bike before, and has just upgraded to a 750 from a 250,

    You should have heard the crap she got from her kids and family about riding a bike,
    They were totally against it, She rides very well, and loves it,

    Good on Ya MUM, go for it,
  18. My son started riding as a teen. At the time it made me nervous; not that I ever saw him ride dangerously, but goodness only knows what he got up to when I wasn't there. Even when I could see him riding safely from my cage (driving behind), my heart was still in my mouth. Still, it was what he wanted.

    I've got my own licence now, and, at 46, I can say that I'm having as much fun now as I think I've ever had. Son now thinks I'm a hoon - not that he's ever seen me ride except for when I was a total noob so don't know where he's getting that opinion from. Probably my Facebook posts LOL.

    Anyway, it's good to see you support your son. Point him our way if he isn't already on here. There's a LOT of good info on here. Plus get him down to one of the Saturday learner sessions. He'll learn a heap, plus meet a stack of other riders; we all like to goss.
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  19. Sniff sniff hmmmmmmm.......

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!