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Mum always told me never talk 2 strangers.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jadey, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. but then rules are made to be broken!!! :demon:

    Just wanted to say a big hello to u all as I enter the madhouse. I probably should have joined long ago as i have been riding for about 4 yrs but only stumbled on the site the other day. better late then never.

    well a bit bout me... I live in balwyn, i'm 23yrs old, ride a blue R6 (my pride and joy) and LOVE to travel!

    hope to see u all on the road sometime!

    mwah x :p
  2. hey there
    pm if u want to ride
    im free monday arvo and tuesday for this week
  3. It's good to see that you have already spotted the level of sanity on the site, jadey, you are now prepared for almost anything!

    Welcome and enjoy :grin:
  4. Hi Jade, welcome.

    I just laminated your card & it's been stuffed in the envelope ready for the postman Patricia to get it to you :)
  5. Welcome mate, don't worry only some members are pyschotic axe murderers - the fun part is guessing which ones :LOL:.
  6. well im not one....hehehe :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Welcome to the madness Jade.

    Hope to catch you at coffee in the not too distant future.


  8. It depends on what you call strange. :LOL:

    Welcome mate. :)
  9. So how many MEMBERS are we now up to, Vic?
  10. welcome, strangers are just friends you havent met yet.

    do you normaly travel interstate on the bike doing a bit of touring around ? that sort of thing ? if you havent its never too late to start i think. :cool:
  11. 2333
  12. Welcome to the forum Jadey.
  13. welcome :) thats a nice bike :)
  14. Welcome to the nuthouse, Jadey.. :LOL:
    I'm over in Nth Balwyn..god to have another rider from these neck of the woods.
  15. Welcome welcome welcome... :biker:

    Hope to see you out on some of our rides really soon. :music:
  16. thanks guys, you are all so sweet. troy i'm thinking of going up 2 yea 2moz if u want 2 go 4 a ride? (or anyone else?) got a mate riding at broadford all day.
  17. You only get the occasional prank call from the odd no lifer.
  18. Welcome Jadey :) What time was you thinking of heading out tommorow? Im in South Morang so if you were going to head whittlesea way then on to kinglake yea maybe I could hook up with you an Troy or whoever on the way past here?
  19. What time were you thinking of going. I was planning on trying some unscoped roads in that area tomorrow. If I'm up when you're heading off I'd be inclined to join the party. :grin:
  20. Hiya jadey, soon enough you'll realise that this is a freak show not a madhouse :grin:.