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Multistrada 1200 Sport testride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vossy53, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Hi members. I was fortunate enough to take a Ducati Multistrada 1200 Sport for a test run today. As they know me I was thrown the keys and was told see you later and enjoy. What a bike!! Price tag $31054.00 (without options) weighing in at 189kg and 150HP output on 'Touring' (There are two other options (at a flick of the finger) electronic 'Sport' and 'Enduro' (which drops the output to 100hp)
    The roads were dry, traffic light, a sunny day and I (all of 85kg and 6ft4) headed towards Bellingen for lunch. (A round trip of about 1 and 1/2 hours) The bike was amazing. Awesome torq and power. As I ripped through the gears I had to check to see if the front wheel was still on the bitumen. The seating position reminded me of my trail bike.. upright and great balance BUT the diff here is that this time there was a 'Ferrari' between my legs. The power was immense. The bike was also very forgiving. It loved the corners and every time I went a bit harder it seemed to laugh at me with words like is that the best you can do?? With all that torq and great brakes slowing down was a breeze. The downside that I can think of would be the maintenance costs. I think parts and services would reflect the retail price. Expensive!! ~ Now here is the funny thing that most will be able to understand. When I got back on my bike (Suzuki GSX750F) I didn't want to go home and retraced my steps towards Bellingen. Whilst the Multistrada seemed to do things so effortlessly without a high degree of concentration my bike is diff and that what I love about it! To make my bike go I need to work it and concentrate a lot to make it sing and sing it does and that s what makes each bike special. To each its own and thats very enjoyable

    Stay safe
  2. Sweet write up! Thanks :)

    I do love the looks of those beasts!
  3. Nice 1 vossy, you were right,I did like the end.
  4. I'm probably a bit biased, but I reckon these upright-seating, generous-suspension, sportsbike-powerplant "tall sports tourers", like the Multistrada, are great for blasting around rough, tight, hilly Australian B-roads.