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Multipurpose bike luggage

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by chillibutton, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Ok so I'm sitting in Newcastle airport departure lounge and I'm bored. But...

    Needed a smaller even than the normal cabin luggage bag for a quick overnight we up here, and guess what works brilliantly. The faithful Kriega US-20! Perfect size and doesn't weigh a thing. And it's great to watch the security bomb screening goon try and open the main compartment lol...! :)
  3. Bah can't upload pic! Too much info for airport wireless?
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  4. The Kriega is an awesome bag..
  5. Ah- home wireless 1 : airport wireless 0

  6. homewifi.
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  7. Ah, you got snaffled by the anti bomb guy? Happens to me nearly every time. I must look like an Afghani terrorist.....
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  8. Slightly off topic. But the bomb detection staff chooses the least likely person to have a bomb. Atleast according to a study I read.

    The reason is that after a while, just like the rest of us, they don't want hassle in their job. So they choose people who look easy to deal with and polite
    And besides, they aren't really that effective, you've already been through screening. So if you say you have been gardening they accept your answer and off you go...

    I get done everytime as well. But I'm usually smiling as I still enjoy flying, and I must look approachable as people are always asking for directions from me on the street.
  9. This was actually a bomb lady for a change. Talked about motorbikes and she was thinking of doing her L's....