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Multiple fines in one hit? (QLD)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by YammyChick, May 8, 2009.

  1. Hi All,
    I've got a prickly one I can't figure out...
    I was speaking to a mate up in Brissy, and he proceeded to tell me he and a mate had been pulled over by a patrol car last weekend after riding the Mt Glorious range. They have both been accused of multiple infringements during this run, and was told they were both followed by the patrol from the beginning of the range to the end. The cop stated there was no safe place to pull them over on the range, so they were continued to be followed where their fines kept building...

    Apparently there are places where you can pull over safely and he returned to the range the next day and took some pics where cars had stopped.

    My questions are..

    Can you receive more than one fine on the day at same time? (he received 5) His mate... not sure but a few aswell.

    Both Guys were riding about 200mt apart fom each other, but the cop said he could tell what speed both were doing. No proof was supplied to them about the speeds they were doing apart from the statement "our cars speedo's are calibrated"

    If this is all legit, my mate has lost 19 points in one sitting. I'm not condoning what he did.. we all like a spirited ride every now and then, but with out proof, can these fines stand up in court?

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated as my mate will be fighting the charges.
  2. A good lawyer should be able to argue one of each infringement. e.g. one speeding infringement if there are multiple, as it occured during the one event. And maybe pick holes in the police case with the burden of proof being on the police.

    The lawyer path is a minimum $1000 just to plead guilty - more to fight it, unless of course you qualify for legal aid, in which case it's a free plead of guilty since they don't have any resources to fight cases.
  3. From what I under stand, the cars can keep follow you & match your pace, (I forget what they call it), something about follow at set distance, but that would be hard to do in the twistys...

    As far as I know there is no limit to the amount of "crimes" you can be charged with in a given time frame, but if it's for say, mulitple count of speeding... that seems a very underhanded. Maybe legal advice might be a good idea!

    Is it say, 1 x speeding, 1 x dangerous driving, etc? Or just 5 x speeding?

    Bloody rough though. Does your mate not have mirrors?
  4. 46km over
    39km over
    talking on fone
    watching dvd on screen
    passing on left
    failing to indicate
    failing to stay between marked lights
    yes you can get more than one fine at a time


    never again, lesson learnt.
  5. Pretty sure they can only book you for the highest speeding offence as its one 'event'.. .like if you speed between here and Geelong and go through 4 cameras you don't get 4 fines, you only get the highest one as its same road. If its different offences then you're stuck.
  6. Thanks for your responses everyone.

    It was unmarked and he's only just moved to Brissy.

    From what he tells me, he has 2 different speeding fines, 2 for crossing double white lines and 1 for a fender eliminator.

    Can anyone recommend a kick arse lawyer in Brisbane? :)
  7. Multiple speeding fines would seem dumb for your 'friend', but multiple other offences would seem to be totally legit.

    Bugger though isn't it? I have to keep telling myself that the rules here are slightly different and that solid lines are a no-no. Mind you, at least the speed vans are clearly marked and it's not a 3k tolerance (yet).
  8. talking on fone *Thats just plain silly

    watching dvd on screen *Good way to kill someone, and fcuking stupid. You should whack your friend with a stick for that, preferably a metal one.

    The camera thingy mentioned is due to the fact that cameras dont tell you when they are giving you a ticket. I believe you are given the benefit of the doubt that you would not of kept speeding after you received a ticket.

    Your mate needs to go and rip everything electronic out of the dash, and put a 1950's era AM radio in it.
  9. Or an eight Track. :cool:
  10. Not too sure who you are directing that at, but that wasn't my mate..

    Mine was on a bike.

    108km in an 80 zone
    85km in a 60 zone
    2 for crossing double white lines
    & a fender eliminator
  11. cool down mate, thats what i did and got caught , not YammyChicks friend. i was just using that as an example in response to her question about more than one fine in a day or at a time.
    watching dvd on screen, it was playing my eyes werent glued to it, also it was on the eastern freeway, talking on the phone is much more dangerous, takes away one of your hands, lots on concentration goes to the conversation.
  12. And a paaaartriiiidge in a pear treeeeeeeeeee! :beer: :beer: :bolt:
  13. A good laywer might be able to remove the lesser speeding offence from the equation, depending on circumstances.

    As for the fender eliminator, I guess it depends on what grounds it was considered illegal. Did they actually measure angles and distances (a guess is not proof)? Maybe the've claimed a fail on a spec that actually passes? It's a long shot though... I've not yet seen an eliminator that would meet ADR's. :(
  14. Well there's your problem!

    Anyone new to Brisbane needs to learn one very, very important lesson - if you like your licence and bank balance, Mt Glorious is not for spirited riding. The roads up there are paved with bacon. Seriously there are loads of great roads here with virtually no police presence - because every cop and his speed camera are on Mt Glorious.

    Anyway, to help answer your actual questions - yes it is totally legitimate to lay multiple tickets over a period of time - judging by the list your provided I doubt they would be able to argue before a magistrate that the police were excessive (the Mt Glorious route is not exactly a short one, I have no doubt the police could have been much much nastier). Your mates best bet would be to try to negotiate with the police prosecutor (please note that you cannot plea bargain in this country like your see on Law and Order, and I am sick of people thinking you can - but the prosecutor may request that a matter be dropped). Realistically, I think your mate could try to get one of the crossing double lines charges dropped, and so long as he has fixed the fender eliminator he might have a shot there too. I wouldn't feel confident about getting rid of one of the speeding charges, but he can try. Of course, he could get a nasty prosecutor who wont budge, but you have to be in it to win it (thankfully police prosecutors just spend all their time prosecuting and preparing for prosecution - this means those that don't have a legal background were the cops not cut out for non-desk work, most are nice).

    In doing this I seriously advise your friend gets legal counsel. It will make it much easier.

    He wont get legal aid in this state - duty solicitors have a nice big sign on their doors saying they cannot assist with traffic offences - too many fools on drink driving charges wasting valuable (and expensive) free legal resources.
  15. Thanks for all of your input peeps.

    GodsPetMonkey, I have sent my bud a link to this thread and hopefully has checked out the feedback.

    Note to self... Stay off Mt Glorious if I'm feeling up for a 'spirited' ride!!! :grin: :grin:
  16. There are safe times to ride it, and it is a really nice ride. Just don't bother going near it on weekends and public holidays, you are normally looking at a couple of cameras and more undercover cars/bikes then is really necessary.

    Thing is the cops keep going there because they make a killing! Not that I can complain - the place attracts the Q-Ride newbies like flies, and they in turn attract the police. This means that I don't have to worry about either on all the other lovely roads around here.
  17. I like the way you think!! :grin:
  18. I'll probably get keelhauled for saying this but I didn't find the Mt Glorious run all that it's cracked up to be. Its has some nice points but there's better to be had in SE QLD - but then I'm a Q-Ride newbie :)
  19. Not sure where but i remeber the maximum amount of road offences able to be issued in vic or nsw at least at being 5 in one go.

    Sounds like the cop was a prick.
  20. Yes they can as already stated in other posts.

    Not sure about other states but from my uncle (retired from VIC TOG about 1 yr ago) it is speed over distance. They follow and as you pass a point they start a stop watch when they pass they stop it. Then with their speed which is known they use a mathematical equation which gives them their speed. This is similar to the way they give speeding tickets from aerial speed checks. Also as stated in another post, TOG / highway patrol officers are class to be subject matter experts and can give tickets by simple estimating your speed due to their experience as TOG / Highway patrol, all of which can stand up in court.

    What do you class as proof? A speed camera / radar etc. They are not even required by law to show you this when they nab ya even if you ask them to. So all speeding tickets are issued without you even seeing the proof. But as I said above they still don't need this equipment to get ya.

    Of course this is from a retired TOG cop in VIC so things may have changed and may very well be different up in God's country.