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Multi-lane roundabouts

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by the_blacke, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. #1 the_blacke, Jun 19, 2010
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    Paranoid riding tip #7: the less traffic there is, the more likely it is that cars will [URL="]ignore line markings in roundabouts[/URL]. Keep your distance and your eyes wide open.

  2. Thats Canberra - 24/7/365
  3. Or if it is the roundabout at the top of Elizabeth St/Flemington Rd/Royal Pde keep your eyes open any time of the day or night. People will enter and exit from any lane, regardless of the line markings or arrows painted on the road.
  4. +1, even if they are just going around the round about slowly.

    Had to go to Newcastle 2 weeks ago, so nice driving around (took a car there). Everyone drove fast and stayed in their own lane. It was so nice. The speeds that people from Newcastle do around round abouts in their own lane would require people from Canberra to use both lanes and the grass on the side of the road.
  5. One of the busiest RaBs is on the Cranbourne-Narre Warren road adjacent to Fountain Gate shopping centre (SE of Melbourne). It has clearly marked lane entry arrows. But I've lost count of the dickwads who have to turn right from the left lane, say, heading south towards Princes Highway and they want to turn right into FG or Krispy Creme, etc.. Meanwhile you're in the right lane and proceeding straight. The opportunity to t-bone these halfwits is SO tempting...
  6. The understanding of the rules of roundabouts seems to be optional among Australian drivers. It could be enforced with simple enough fixed camera technology but while governments have the speed kills mantra as their overriding agenda no other dangerous behaviour seems to be enforced. :(

    For those that have never seen the Magic Roundabout outside Swindon in the UK, it is technically known as a counter flow roundabout. Consistently voted by UK residents as one of top 5 scariest intersections and yet it seems to work. Perhaps because people are paying attention when they enter it.

  7. 'Keep It Simple Stupid' just does not mean anything to some people.... Whoever came up with THAT design ought to be shot.
  8. I nearly had a heart attack when I was trying to get from Swindon to Oxford and came across the magic roundabout. I though to myself "Ah... so they didn't just make that up on the Internet."

    We made it through alive though.
  9. Looks like the trick is to ignore the centre bit. Just go straight at the outside roundabouts and eventually you will have made a right turn.
  10. that looks like a fun one to negotiate..
  11. Some of us see this roundabout as a sport to negotiate succesfully.
  12. It's just that people that enter it are never seen again.

    Actually saw some footage of one of these being used a number of years ago. Sent it to a mate who was working in the UK at the time and he also said that they worked really well.
  13. Looked at a couple of youtbe videos of this magic thing and seems a few roundabouts too many..... Seem to do a few circles just to exit it.
    Wonder if its success is given due to traffic flow or safety record?
    If it's safety, may be because it scares the crap out of so many that they slow to a crawl.
  14. With bigger / multilane I mainly just do what I can to make sure I am not next to a car, or if I have to be for the shortest time possible.
  15. +1 I find it entertaining, and in reality, the traffic flow and actions are pretty frikking predictable IMHO, if you can't see what happens after using it a dozen times you shouldn't be riding.

    Also at night or early morning when there is no traffic, heading from Elizabeth Street to Flemmingtion road in the "center" lane is awesome with a bit of speed... those tram tracks seem to offer a heap of grip and recently the road surface is pretty good. :)
  16. Yep, agree that roundabouts at night clear of traffic give boring suburban roads a bit of a twist(y)...