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Multi lane changers

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rented, May 25, 2010.

  1. This is something I observed whilst driving.

    The road is 100Kph limited 3 lanes wide. Traffic is merging off an intersection on the left hand side. A Lancer with EVO stickers all over it merges, and then decides to lane dive to the right lane, obviously without checking, and across the front of a large 4wd (80/100 series, Patrol perhaps?). The victim here is a Subaru station wagon which ends up driving along parallel to the road but on dirt/grass at 100Kph, fantastic job in controlling the car!!

    The biker was behind the subaru. He moves up and starts gesturing at the Lancer pr!ck and is a bit taken up with that when the Suby nearly rejoins the road and takes him out! Luckily he saw what was going on pretty early and the rider backed off and let him in.

    The worst part is that this f^cker got away with it.....he didn't get pulled over or anything. I hope the suby driver got his plate.
  2. maybe they didn't see the Subaru, I sure didn't see where it came from in your post.
  3. Yes sorry, far right lane. The Lancer forced him off the road and he ended up on the grass, but held it together. There is trees along that strip, he was extremely lucky.
  4. Glad for all involved it ended as well as that. On the grass at 100kph takes some serious driving skills indeed!
  5. Nah, the AWD and ABS with EBD and ESC saved him. :p
  6. So the EVO was trying to lane split!!
  7. So the lancer pushes the subaru off onto the grass and the bike speeds up and takes his place? I thought it would be pretty clear the Subaru will be attempting to rejoin traffic soon.
  8. I think the Lancer driver backed right off and slowed down, in realising how much of a tool he was being. But yes, the rider was berating him and not watching the Subaru. They saw each other in time though.
  9. And it wasn't an EVO, it just had Ralliiart stickers and a shopping trolley handle on it.
  10. Multi lane changers - the same reason I avoid riding in the left hand lane of a freeway. I've seen enough knobs diving from the RH lane to make a free way exit to make me rethink my road position.