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Multi-interphone Bluetooth Headset - SOLD

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Shiralee, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. #1 Shiralee, Feb 11, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2013
    "4 Riders Multi-interphone BT Headset" brand. $100 pair. - SOLD
    (Blue-tooth Motorcycle headset).
    Set includes: kit for 2 riders, and can be added to for extra riders (not included).
    Both have remote controls for hand grips; optional boom-mic or velcro in-helmet mic; in-helmet speakers; mounting kit for helmet; AC & USB charger; and user manual.
    Can be used for listening to radio; music; etc thru phone; taking phone calls.... and more.
    Great for 2 bikes riding together; or rider & pillion.
    Cheap for near new item - $100 - snail mail is free; will post via express post for extra $15.

    Contact me on 0405 153 609

    pic = http://postimage.org/image/53mwkek55/

  2. Any idea if these will connect to scala units?
  3. Only same brands talk to each other, even the expensive brands! Stupid yes, I can't believe there is no industry standard, it is the same technology that had been around for ages! Rant over...
  4. Dam, got a few mates that have scala G9's, not interested in paying that much tho, will have to keep an eye out on ebay, might even just get a G4 or G2
  5. My wife (the OP) and I upgraded to a Scala G9 system, purchased off Ebay, and are very happy with it. Paid around $500 delivered iirc.

    The set listed above has been sold.

    Best regards
  6. Thanks.

    The best i could find was about $400 for a pair, the rest are $450 - $500, compared to the set you sold do you think the scala's are worth the money?
  7. Hi Rebel,

    Yeah, I do. I use a GPS connected via bluetooth as well as the connection to the missus when we ride together. The sold set I could have one, or the other, but not both. With the Scala the GPS cuts in on the connection to give directions, then gives the intercom connection back. Well, almost always gives it back. Sometimes it screws up, but it is still a lot better than the old one.

    Voice operated, and can play radio or music via mp3 or phone. I don't usually muck with that stuff. I've also had phone conversations while on the bike and the other person was surprised to learn I was riding at the time.

    For us it is well worth the extra cost. It's the set I should have bought the first time around. But, you know, gotta try these things out if there's nobody to guide you.

    Hope that helps


    ** Disclaimer... Just a satisfied user
  8. I have been on the phone to a mate riding with one, unless he gave it a wrist full (R1 with pipe) i can not tell he is on a bike, seems i will have to pony up and get one.
  9. Sorry guys about not responding, wasn't getting any alerts to comments made, otherwise I would've put a "SOLD" on the header.

    As MarkA says - the sold set - 4-Riders was good for a starter, but the Scalariders are far superior. I found the "4-Riders" had a fair bit of static when out on the open roads - good for close riding (3-15 secs apart), but once a bit of distance is put between you, not so good. But hey, they did the job for what we needed at the time; they were very affordable; and as a tester to see if we'd actually like using them - they were great.

    Love the Scalarider though & worth the extra.
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