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Multi-Agency Blitz in Dandenong [VIC]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Police Media release this morning...
    1502 people tested...
    Police, EPA, Immigration, Sheriffs Office

    .4% over.05

    .3% tested +ve for drugs (bearing in mind that the drugs test only tells if they have used drugs within 24 hours or so - not whether they are still impaired)

    1 stolen car

    some outstanding sheriffs office warrants.

    It doesn't sound all that productive to me when you look atall the agencies involved.

    10 November 2007
    0005 hours


    Police tested 1502 people in a drink drive operation at Dandenong overnight.

    The multi agency operation also included Sheriff’s Office, Immigration Department and EPA personal at booze bus sites in Lonsdale Street and on the Princes Highway.

    During the operation which ran from 6.00 pm last night until 2.00 am today police detected 7 drink drivers and 6 people for positive drug tests.

    During the operation police also arrested two people in a stolen car.

    A number of people with outstanding warrants were detected by the Sheriff’s Department.

    Senior Constable Wayne Wilson
    Media Officer
  2. You would have preferred that they caught more people drink driving to make it more justifiable?
  3. i am astounded at the LOW number of busts :shock:
    dandenong people must be well behaved :?
  4. I think that they put on a big show for not a lot of results - considering it was a lot agencies involved.

    Let's just say I bet they wouldn't do a major operation like that in Toorak...
    (where I've seen more drunks driving than I ever have in Dandenong)

  5. All of that effort and only 1500 cars tested??????

    They would be better off going to Melbourne Airport Taxi holding area and busting the aliens driving cabs.

    Or do what they did years ago at lygon street.

    Sheriff and cops in the middle checking regos and then pulling over the malakas further down the road. It's bumper to bumper with habibs and their loud stereos.
  6. :shock: :shock:
    Working in Dandenong the last 20 odd years.. I am surprised at such low figures :? Perhaps most of em were from elsewhere just passing through.. :p

    seriously good to see a low percentage of drink driving on our roads.
  7. Maybe it was an experiment. I was once tested on a very small back street in Adelaide at 7am on a Tue morning. I couldn't believe it when I came around the corner and there were 3 cop cars waiting to pull over the one car that came past every 5 minutes. I even asked him what was the story as it wasn't very busy and he just said "You never know". Never saw them there again.
  8. I'm still glad to have 7 less drink drivers out there.
  9. The reason for the low numbers is

    They knocked off at 2am, most Dandy residents would still be consuming and not on the roads yet at 2am :roll:

    I do remember a PR nightmare for the Police a few years ago when on the freeway towards Geelong (pre rebuild) they forced everyone on a Saturday afternoon (Footy at Kardinia Park and a basket ball match in Geelong as well) into the rest area at Avalon and you have three chances, breath test, roadworthy or Sheriff did you over. The queue went all the way back to Laverton that day and surpassed even the early Air Show entry queues. Never did see any stats for that one.
  10. come again!?

    I often st race on prinny hwy, this is hoon ville let me tell ya. :?
  11. Looks like another campaign to get some senior persons performance measures for the month!
  12. What the? They can detect drug use now??? :S

    Cheese it!
  13. Three letters, SMS.
  14. Years ago I was breath tested on the way to uni, at 11am, on a side street. Three cop cars and 6 of the finest standing around looking bored.

    The response from the copper to my "Lucky I didn't have my brekky beer today" comment was an "I know" kind of grin. I reckon I could set myself up for life working as a booze bus location planner. The current guys have no clue.
  15. I would say even one drug or alcohol affected driver off the road makes it worthwhile.