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muggers part 2.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by slowandsteady, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. oouch no way.
    where did they find that chick
  2. dunno but I'd love to find the rest of the footage.
    the throw was performed with pefect judoka execution.... :LOL:
  3. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
  4. Aww thats awesome, i'd love to see that happen more often :grin:
  5. Wish I could do that move :?
  6. Actually I can do it all by myself......when I'm pissed. Best bit is I don't spill my drink either............I'm a sophisticated drunk
  7. the skirt really gives off the wrong impression.

    ive been trying to think up some flashy moves to do with my stump.

    if a person leans in, a whack in the nose from a sitting position is the best i can think of.

  8. that was grouse. hehehehehe. i liked it. i watched the jiujitsu state championships or whatever the other week. i like watching people getting thrown.