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Mugello MotoGp Adventure 2016

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cazzo, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. It truly is a mad, mad place!

    We went both Saturday and Sunday. They say the attendance through the gates was 105,000 people, but they also reckon quite a few thousand (10,000) slip in through the forest over the fences [​IMG]

    Getting there and back is atrocious, firstly getting a train in Florence from a platform that hardly anyone knows exists! Then, when you get to the closest train station to the track to catch the shuttle bus...that doesn't exist! You'll have to pay 10euro per person cramming 11 people into a 7 seater taxi or walk about an hour!

    Anyway, nothing can prepare you for when you walk through those gates, it truly is madness that can barely be described. Saturday is full on, tens thousands of people, thousands of bikes sharing the same path, bars, food, BBQ's, tents, camper vans spread everywhere. Noise, just noise all the time.
    The atmosphere is all about the party with some racing thrown in. We wouldn't get away with a 1/4 of the shit they do, but there is one massive difference. There is a bar about every 150 meters but over the course of two days I didn't see one person remotely drunk and we felt safe. No, we didn't see one cop in the premises.
    On Sunday there is a massive shift, most of the antics are put aside and all the racing takes priority. This time we went with a cousins mate by car, getting there took ages with a decent walk to the track. We didn't even bother moving the car for about 2 hours after the race, nothing moves but bikes.
    I must admit that it would have been good to see Rossi win, purely for the crowd reaction. Sadly be lunched the motor and his fans started marching out straight after.

    Here's a clip, it might go some way to explaining what I can't. Would we do it again? hell yeah!

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  2. Looks awesome. Definitely on the bucket list. Loved the marques lorenzo love story sign :D
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  3. Need to win the Lotto, need to win the Lotto, need to win the Lotto, need to win the Lotto.......
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  4. it would be fantastic to be able to follow the MotoGP around for a year, even just for a two months but the cost.. I wonder if I could be a sponsored spectator, maybe 69SIM69SIM and I could go, he would of course be the cameraman/soundguy etc and I would be the talent in front of the camera - yes it would be a comedy!

    nice post - great YT clip!
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  5. We were very fortunate, after a pretty rough couple years (being ripped off by business partners, I got out) we decided to make the most of being unemployed. Our trip actually started at Mugello, ended at World Ducati Week with Catalonia MotoGp thrown in there as well. There was a whole lot of other stuff in between as well.
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  6. Wow, Cazzo, sounds like a great trip. We got to Catalunya this year, which was fantastic. I've now knocked two off my bucket list; SBK at Imola in 2002 and Moto GP in Spain this year. To anyone who hasn't seen a world level race in either of these two bike mad countries do yourself a favour. GO THERE IF YOU CAN! Phillip Island is fantastic, but these race meets in Europe are something else again. I'm now starting to save up for another one in a few years.
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  7. Joe BarJoe Bar so true mate, our events are not a patch on anything overseas. We did Ducati island at Laguna Seca in 2012, that was awesome. While we were there we did a massive NHRA meet at Infinion Raceway, another impressive event. We've also do Sepang MotoGp in 2013, that was pretty good. But these motorcycle loving European countries are damn impressive!
    Honestly, I'm sick to death of being over governed here at home. Last year at Phillip Island I spoke to a couple people who had flag poles confiscated as they were over a meter long. They were told flag waving was a danger to riders...GTFO. I'll be downloading the T&C's for this year and I'll push the boundaries.
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  8. Many activities that used to be ok in Australia (and are still ok in most places overseas) are being nanny stated into non-existence here.
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  9. Europeans know how to drink without going completely overboard. Well, most Europeans (I'm looking at you UK).
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  10. The only thing I've been to that could be remotely compared to this would be a NASCAR race in Las Vegas. That was mental. The racing was batshit boring, but the crowds and fun were insane.
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  11. 16S1000R16S1000R funny you should say that. Only review I read complaining about Catalonia Gp was an Aussie who reckons the only beer available was lite.
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